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Move to 1A

Not at this time. Maybe when there is a mass reorganization of IA and IAA. No one wants our end of the year goal to be the Humanitarian bowl in Boise. I would much rather play in a playoff system for a National Championiship.

I believe the only way it would be seriously considered in the near future is if a major conference offered a membership (which has a snowball's chance in hell of happening).

I hate to say it, but Idaho's lack of success is one of the best arguments against going up.
Gotta agree with ya gpack. I live in Vandy land, follow college football, and I couldn't tell you the teams in the Sunbelt conference. I would wager than most folks in north Idaho couldn't either(ie. they've lost interest in Vandal football). Why would good 1A recruits want to go to play in obscurity and earn the shot at a bowl game that nobody has ever heard of. I would rather watch the griz compete in a playoff system and get a shot at winning an outright national championship. Imagine this..........we beat Southern Utah Tech for the conference championship and secure a spot in the "Steve's Mini Mart Bowl".
Thanks, but no Thanks. This Griz fan is not interested in I-A for two reasons:

1) I love the I-AA playoffs. This time of year is a lot of fun! It's great following the I-AA top 25 to see who is going to be in and where the Griz might be seeded. I love watching the playoff pairings when they are announced. I always study our bracket, to try and figure out who we might play. Will it be running teams or passing teams? Will it be offensive or defensive powerhouses? Do they have playoff experience? And best thing of all about the playoffs is the possiblity of getting several more home games in Washington-Grizzly! You can bet fans from around I-AA do not want to come to Montana.

2) I-A requires big buck$. I already pay enough $ for season tickets to football, basketball and GAA. I'm not interested in paying more for the enormous expense that I-A would require.
I would be very interested if we could get into the MWC. That of course is a long shot. I think it would be a terrible mistake to go 1-A without the "right" situation. And the 'right' situation is a real conference.....not the sun belt.....even the WAC would be wack. :wink:
I would like to do it. With only a few teams that draw fans I'm worried about the future of 1AA. I would like to see a Wyoming or Colorado state come into Wash Griz. If we did move up I would like to see the rats stay down and still play them every year.
bronco said:
If we did move up I would like to see the rats stay down and still play them every year.

Good chance that will never happen. NCAA is out to make it to difficult for 1A schools to play 1AA schools. If it is a requirement for Griz to play the cats, than it has to be either both move up, or both stay put. Can't have it both ways.
With the shuffle going on in the Mountain West, who knows. I would think that as long as there are not any other stronger options than Montana they may look at you. Your biggest trouble may be the size of your football stadium. Wyoming is always under fire for War Memorial only holding 35,000.
I love the March madness type of feeling the 1AA football playoffs have and would hate to see us move to 1A. I went to San Jose State a 1A school with 32,000 students. When I was there the only thing you could hope for was a winning season and at the very best some mediocre little bowl no one ever heard of. I love 1AA football. I don't think a small school with 12,000 or less students in a state with barely 900,000 people can compete in 1A and I am afraid it would be the end of the Grizzly Nation as we know it.
indeed, that was a good one! The name might be a bit misleading, but I'm a griz fan/montana native. Vandalizer is after an older newspaper column around here that used to poke fun at the Vandals!
I don't think the schools leaders are going to allow the Grizzlies to become the next Idaho. I think the Griz will be the next Marshall, Boise St, UConn or even better. The jump to the WAC would just be a stepping-stone for the Mountain West. Just think "Hauck V Glenn" at Washington Grizzly an instant rivalry. We would see the likes of CSU, Air Force, and UNLV every year. Not bad. Yes in the short run, we might struggle for a few years, but in the long run, it would be much better for the university, the city, the state, and most importantly the fans.
GrizTH, I really hope you are in the minority in wishing for the Griz to move to 1-A and the WAC. I say that for a variety of reasons, only some of which are:

1) Where would be the excitement of whether or not the Griz won the conference and got the automatic bid for the play-offs ... and the chance at a national championship? In 1-A, UM would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have the opportunity for a natonal football championship.

2) You say we might struggle for a few years -- and, as that struggle happened, the fans would vanish. A couple of 5-5 or 4-6 seasons and, instead of 23,000 people in the stands, there would be 10,000, and that would be on the good days. Am I saying Griz fans are fair weather fans? Well, there surely weren't 23,000 folks even vaguely interested in Griz football (much less attending the games) back when winning seasons and play-off games were not the norm....

3) There's not enough money in all of Montana to support a move to 1-A as it is now constituted.

Perhaps, when all of Div. 1 is re-ordered, there will be an appropriate place for UM to "move up" for football play. But, until that occurs, I hope and pray that we stay right where we are.
i guess it would be cool to be in 1-A for the first year..but i agree, we would most likely have bad seasons, and would eventually turn into the next Idaho. Why some people consider it, I don't know why because so what if we beat a 1-A team every year, It's Idaho for crying out loud, i think a lot of the teams in 1-AA could beat them as well. Get a team like Colorado State and beat them...you might be able to consider it. :wink:
No WAC for me thank you. With the demise of the Sun Belt, the WAC will become the lowest rated conf. in 1-A, therefore all members will be looking to vacate thereby creating a very unstable conf. Hell, it looks like the Vandellas have a shot at the WAC just because of attrition. Let em go.
The Mountain West, on the other hand, now that is something to truly think about. But for now, my thinking concerns the Eags, then the Bobs, then the playoffs, then the NC, then the ?????
68 Griz hit it on the head. If you need proof of what the move to 1A could do, go to the Kibbie Dome for a home game against a Sun Belt Conf. opponent. Jesus, the radio announcer gets more fired up than the crowd. Largly due in part because he has been around forever. People in North Idaho don't follow Vandal football as much now. I can attest to that, I live there! They follow the Cougs or the Griz as much or more than the Vandals. It would be back to Dornblazer days for us if we moved up to 1A and got even a few ass kickin's. 1AA suits us fine!!
Look at the records of all the sucessful teams who "moved up" to 1A. Troy State, Lousina whatever they call themselves now, Buffalo, Marshall (biggest claim to fame is a #10 ranking after a UNDEFEATED season), USF, UCF (a 9-2 record didn't even earn them a bowl), Uconn.

Fans will only put up with a few losing seasons after the 1A excitement wears off. Would you rather compete for the national championship or for the nobodygivesadamn.com bowl on Christmas?
We should do it!!! (sarcastic)

Here's what we could expect each year!

-4 Home Games
-No chance of a national title
-double the cost of game tickets
-a loosing record (maybe)
-Lost recruits to nearby 1-AA schools with national champ. potential
-A half-empty stadium
-Poor coaching staff and no one wanting the job (Ex: Idaho)

Great idea! Sign me up on this bandwagon!

What is so glamorous about going 1-A? For Montana, absolutely nothing.