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Motel Help????


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I am coming to missoula in May as the MYSA state soccer is there. Can anyone tell me if the Creekside INN or the Campus INN are nice places to stay? a lot of the normal places, aka holiday express, etc are booked.

any help would be appreciated. THX griz fans :)
Not the worst places in town . . . but also not the ritz!

Anybody know where the soccer fileds are? That'd prolly be nice to know so you could get a room nearby

Both of the ones you listed are very close to the footbridge and the football stadium (across the river) Very handy for Griz weekend - not so good if your playing soccer out by the mall however!
I think there are some soccor fields out by Big Sky High, not sure if thats where he is playing though. If thats the case any of the motels on Reserve would be ideal. Hampton Inn, Grant Creek Inn are a couple that pop right into my head but heck I'm a Butte guy so what do I know!!! :lol:
Missoula isn't that large of a city so I wouldn't worry what place you stay at.

Soccer fields may likely be on south avenue west of South Reserve St.

But there are some soccer fields on Spurgin Road that is off of south Reserve also. Most likely be the fields on South Avenue.

Could also be at Playfair park behind Sentinel High School.
My inlaws are VERY picky about where they stay when they're in Missoula. They used to stay at the Holiday Inn or the Double Tree Edgewater. A couple of years ago they discovered that the Red Lion on Broadway had been remodeled and is very nice. They now actually prefer it to either the Holiday Inn or the Double Tree. You might check them out.

Phone 728-3300.