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More QB info


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Just heard that Hartman AND Sampson will be calling the game. Sampson will be running the option. This info is from certain freshman ball players. We shall see
Never thought I'd see the Griz running the option. Looks like Cable thought the same way. Kudos to Hauck giving Big Sky Defensive Coordinators something else to worry about.

The Griz don't look like mid-nineties Nebraska....but they are running the option well enough to keep opposing coaches up at night. And winning the game at half. 8)
Nebraska? Hell, they don't even look like S. Utah, but they're moving the ball! Thank goodness.

Gotta give props to the off. play calling. Imagine trying to get all the right calls in on every play with multiple QB's... Wow.

I hope the second half goes as well.

But if Idaho gets control over the penalties, it could be a much closer game.

Go Griz!!

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