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more possible recruit info...


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Ciarre Campbell
Denver (CO)South
3 Star-Wide Receiver
height 6-foot-3
weight 180 pounds
40-yard dash 4.45 seconds
Bio Notes and Stats: Ciarre is an unbelievable athlete that can 360 dunk Basketball.
College Choices
Colorado State, New Mexico St., Colorado, Kansas State, Oklahoma State

South Head Coach Ryan Mullaney on Ciarre this season:

"Ciarre ran a 4.35 for a Big 12 conference school this summer. His worst time on deep grass was 4.45 in the forty. He had the fastest forty time of all invitees to the CU Senior Camp for collegiate prospects this summer. He finished second in the state in long jump and triple jump in his first year ever jumping. He is the best all around athlete I may ever coach. He is the real deal at both receiver and defensive back. He hits with authority and has great acceleration when he has the ball. You need to see this kid live to really enjoy or appreciate the beauty of what God has given him. He will qualify for most DI schools as his grades are climbing from a poor 9th grade year. He is junior Calais Campbell's (6'8" - 227 lbs DE) brother. Calais will go DI for certain and the brothers make a great package. This family is the ideal family for a football coach. Chuck and Nateal Campbell haven't just raised some great players, these kids are great people."

Rocky MTN news says...
Ciarre Campbell, WR, Denver South, • Considering: Wyoming, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Colorado

Wyoming? Our new coaches really need to be telling the recruits about Ochs coming to UM.
(misc recruits at same school..)
note a talmage clone Ross Alisiani.
6-4 188
some links for blurbs on recruits
Jeff Gray wr and corner

Victor Valle 5-8", 166lbs 4.3-40 and 3.8gpa
all league mvp on offense as a rb.

Jonathon Inglehart - no info

Matt Engle - qb - 6-0 or 5-11 200lbs

I like this quote "Do you want a guy who's 6-4 and looks good warming up, or a guy who's 5-11 and can get the job done?" Engle asked. "I just want someone to give me a chance." ...sound familiar?

Isaiah Crawford rb/lb/punt return, vista ca,
Pre-season #12 HS FB team.


Hercules Satele OL(center according to rivals)
Long Beach Poly
Pre-season #2 in the nation.
enrollment 4600 kids, woah!


3 stars on rivals. ranked 12.
weight 252 pounds
40-yard dash 4.9 seconds
Bio Notes and Stats: Satele has great feet and finishes his blocks. He's physical lineman with an aggressive attitude to the game of football. Satele is a three-year starter for one of the nation's best football factories.
Arizona State, Oregon, Southern Cal, UCLA, Washington, Washington St., Fresno State, Hawaii
Jonathan Iglehart wr/cb 6-0 183
200m Jonathan Iglehart - Bishop O'Dowd - 22.7
His teammate ran a 10.8 100m, but no word on J's 100 time.
The Griz need the kid from Long Beach Poly. If they could get him look at the pipeline that would hopefully start. Their kids will mostly still end up at USC and UCLA but their overlooked kids can make a difference in Missoula. To me thats what Griz football is about. We never had the biggest player. Just some great ones with HEART.
I agree, it would be great to start something with LBP, i'd also like to see the Griz go after some the kids at Da La Salle. In many cases they are great players but with less size than the big 1-a's want, but their hearts are huge and their commitment is also.

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