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More Jack flak


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Although it was only the first loss since NAU took on former national powerhouse ASU, there was a feeling of helplessness.
“We almost feel cheated,” Robinson said. “It’ll feel good to take it out on somebody.”
That somebody happens to be NAU’s stiffest rival, the University of Montana.
The Grizzlies visit the Walkup Skydome Nov. 1 for family weekend.
For both teams, this is a paramount matchup in their quests to take the Big Sky championship, a feat the Jacks have not achieved since 1978.
U of M has won 14 of the past 15 meetings, but coach Jerome Souers is more concerned about this matchup.
“Montana doesn’t do voodoo or magic,” Souers said, “they do good football. The game comes down to our ability to take our performance to the next level.”
For defensive back Brent Daniels, beating U of M is beneficial to his taste buds.
“After (the MSU game), I’m looking forward to Saturday to get this taste out of my mouth,” Daniels said.
Kickoff is 3:35 p.m.
I guess the bite of the MSU Sh!T Sandwich didn't set well with these guys. :wink: I'm glad they got a taste.

They're going to be all geared up and freakin nuts. I think if we're patient, we can win it slowly. Kind of like in a boxing match... let the other guy come out swinging hard in the first three rounds. Take lots of punches and get a few good ones in, let the other guy punch himself out.

And THEN... bring on the real heat when they're tired and worn down.

I can see it now... NAU will lead by two scores going into the half.. and then the Griz bring it on in the second half, allowing them only 1 score and scoring 4 times.

This totally contradicts my previous prediction, but it could happen.