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Moose Drool Invasion


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Sighting in St Paul, Minnesota. I didn't believe it was an actual brand, but the truck is sitting just outside my office window. I guess we will be assimilated, resistance in futile. Getting closer to game day. I suppose if the Bison came into Missoula in a Moose Drool truck they would be popular.
Grizomatic406 Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2003 8:50 pm Post subject:


You are right BisonMav..."resistance IS futile". GO GRIZ!!!

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:puke: University of North Dakota
Don't worry BisonMav, the Bison fans that make the trip will be glad they came, and the only thing you'll be dissapointed in is the score.

The weekend that North Dakota State is here is the same weekend that the Hemp Festival is being held, but of course, I know nothing about it... :rainbow1:

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