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Monte's TV Debut

Yep, it was pretty lame. Did he get a whole second of air time or was it a partial second? I only saw the UCLA Bruin for about a second too, so if Monte had been able to be there for the whole commercial shoot, he maybe would have gotten 2 seconds of air time.

I know there is no comparison, but doesn't it seem like Monte is getting about as much respect as Dickenson has been getting here lately? Somebody give these guys a chance, they can perform up there with the big guys!
C'mon Cad... I think its great that Monte was featured at all. What do you expect, Monte to dance or run into the wall or fall down a flight of stairs? Did you want some credits to roll at the end saying "Featuring the 2003 Mascot of the Year, Monte!"

"No respect?" Please... Its all the respect in the world to be given the opportunity, period. Sure it was short and lame, but it was airtime none the less.

I dont see any pro Pro mascots making commercials for ESPN...
Of cource we would all love to see some national recognition of our beloved Grizzlies. I guess it depends on your definition of recognition. Im going on my memory here, (not to reliable.) I think the average 30 sec. commerical for the superbowl cost 2 million. Thats over $65 grand a second. Monte got a second. Not much, but like Jim said it's a bunch more than any other mascot. (givin the UCLA bear was just a replacement for Monte.) At least we all had a chance to actually see him on TV. I know i shut up every one at our party when it came on. It went something like this, "HERE IT IS!!!...shhhhhh..................., CRAP! that was it?" Guess we are hard to please.

Monte also got some stage time in Vegas, in a "legends" show. He shared the stage with Elvis. I don't really know the details on it but he is getting around. You go boy!!

Cad, unless the current Monte is really Jimmy Kimmel, then we will have to be happy with 1 second. As well we should.
Monte was also on tv earlier in the day on Fox during the College Players Championship. They introduced him as Mascot of the year and showed him wrestling with a Marine. He was also on numerous times in the background during the competition. He is getting alot more airtime than any other mascots as far as I have seen. I think its great he is getting some recognition.
I must have blinked, because I missed ol Monty.
What a piss poor excuse for a game though. I was really geared up for a game that went down to the last minute. Thanks Raiders...for playing like sh*t. :fist:
It looked like the Raiders went out saturday night and closed the bars down. They were limper than Dole without viagra.
I won $18.75 in a pool and a sixer from my bro. Pretty happy with the outcome I must say... hehehehe.

Ok, I get it, its gang up on Cad day, cool. Just kidding. But come on, its not recognition if he wasn't on TV long enough to even read "MONTANA" across the front of his jersey or "MONTE" on his head band. I didn't need him to be taking up the whole 30 second spot, I just wanted him to be visible enough so that all those viewers out there that don't know who he is would be able to say, "Hey thats the mascot from Montana.", not "Who the hell was that?"

The 65 grand a second statement kinda made me pucker, thats a whole heap of cash. No wonder the ESPN commercial only aired once.

I missed the college show on fox, bummer.

As for no pro mascot making commercials for ESPN, I don't know how many they have made but the first one that comes to mind is the ESPN magazine commercial where they have all the mascots together showing off the new free fleece pullovers. The guy in that commercial yaps with the pro mascots, I think most of them were hockey, before he goes over to the kiddie table and askes the college mascots who thier favorite ESPN guy is and they all show pictures of Dick Vitale.

No, I don't want Monte to go pro, I enjoy his antics at the games but I swear I have seen that Syracuse Orangeblob on more ESPN commercials than I can stand, now Monte gets his chance and they hardly even give him any airtime. I hope winning this years Mascot of the Year will open up some more opportunities for him, we will see how many commercials he is in over the next year. Maybe he will get as much air time as some of the other mascots that are regulars on ESPN.
Exactly my point, it went by so quick the average Joe didn't know it was Monte. Sure we all knew about it because we were looking for Monte. I missed out on the Fox thing too. I had heard he was going to be introduced as Mascot of the Year but didn't know when and where it would be televised.