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Monte's 4th Quarter

This week's opponent is Big Red of Western Kentucky.

Even if you think it's silly, the winner of the entire contest gets $20,000 for their mascot program. Monte is the ONLY two time winner of this contest (2002 and 2004). But, his last win was nearly 10 years ago!!!!

The folks in Kentucky have proven they can put up a ton of votes really quickly, so Monte's lead right now is slim - he's going to need a lot of clicking today to keep that lead.

While you are watching football today, just sit there and mindlessly vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. . . . here's the link: http://capitalonebowl.com/?external_id=WWW_W596_XXX_SEM-Brand_Google_ZZ_ZZ_T_Home#/matchups/3/6 It may take you awhile to get the page to load, so keep trying.

Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote -- you get the idea! Come on, Monte!!