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This was my post from two weeks ago.
My sources tell me that (couldn't get out of town fast enough) Glenn is going to attempt to take Monte with him to Wyoming. Glenn a big Monte fan and thinks he can use a mascot with Monte's talents to bring in something Wyoming stands have been missing the last few years....fans. The Monte before this was the "great woman Monte experiment" that failed miserably. She would come out and just stand around (like the bobcat mascot) and had no personality. You could tell it was a girl by the way she threw the little footballs in the stands. This Monte graduated and has been paid to keep performing for the Griz. He has aspirations to be a professional mascot for a pro team. Is there any reason to think that this Monte won't follow the bucks? I would be more upset losing this Monte than Glenn. P.S. Glenn in my opinion traded the keys to the Cadillac for a screwdriver that starts the pick up truck.
Monte might want to re-think moving [up :fist: ] to Wyoming. I would guess he will get less exposure there than here. Besides, how is monte going to do his thing with a 10 gallon hat and shit kickers on. :bounce:
Trying to head hunt our mascot is playing dirty pool in my book. Thats just wrong on JG's part.