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Monte vs. Sparty

Grizzly Oredigger

Well-known member
Think of cool band names for you and Monte, and then tweet 'em (voting normally works too I guess)

I tweeted "Squeal of the Pig" to #CapitalOneMonte

I can't stand Michigan State...ever since I first saw Michael Moore in one of their caps
Grizzaholic said:
They need to shorten this mascot challenge. 15 weeks of this voting is getting obnoxiously old.

Amen. Now that we've come this far, I feel like we need to keep going, but if Monte gets nominated again next year, he's on his own!!

Hopefully, we'll have a few easier weeks ahead. I am ready for the BC Eagle myself; looks like one of us could outvote him singlehandedly in one evening. The week I dread is going up against the USF mascot. That is a HUGE school (47k students), and it looks like he's got some support.

But, we're a long way into this contest already, and I think we have a good chance of winning, so it would be great to get more people to help and KEEP VOTING!!
Or how about Montley Crew or Marilyn Montson. or how about Hey Hey we're the Montkeys.

My dorky daughter just suggested Montes at work or Montes without hats. She's stuck a bit in the the 80's.

Or for thelast one with a 90's theme. Monte Vanonte.
Alright rolling now. Iron Monte. Montrina and the waves. Lady Montebellum. Montrose (guess that one was already copyrighted) Cubz to Bear. Def Grizzly. Maroon 11. The BEARnaked Ladies. Pat Bearatar. 3 Bear night. Mon Talen.
Here's one thing I found to help with the tweeting -- I was spending so much time trying to think something up that it was slower than just voting. Then, I found this "list of verbs" on the Internet and printed it out. I just went down the list last week and made a tweet with each verb. So, if the first verb was "accept," I think last week I tweeted something like: Monte celebrates by accepting a ham sandwich from a fan." For the verb "paint," I said something like: Monte celebrates by repainting the Mona Lisa. They even put that one up in the gallery even though it wasn't related to football in any way --

This week, for the band name, the first band name I sent for the verb "accept" was something like "Accept Responsibility Band." They don't care as long as it's not offensive and doesn't use someone else's trademark, etc. Using the list really made it easier.

Here's the list: http://www.englishclub.com/vocabulary/regular-verbs-list.htm

Just in case it helps someone else. I sure hope we get the BC Eagle next week. . .
We have 19 suggestions so far. I can't tweet any of them. So somebody that can go down the list. That's pretty easy.
Sparty (which is a pretty cool mascot) is "bearing down" on Monte and closing the gap daily. It's time for a big push to put Monte back on top of a huge lead and suck the life out of those Michigan State fans before they really catch up.
Up with Monte, down with Sparty...Good Ole' Grizzlies fight for the victory...vote for Monte or watch him lose this weeks mascot challenge.

http://capitalonebowl.com/#/standings/monte" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;