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Monte - ESPN commercial


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Did I really just see what I think I saw. I had the tv on ESPN and glanced up when I heard something about the mascot competition and I could have sworn I saw the south end of Monte wearing a thong in what I could only guess to be the swimsuit part of the competition, way too damn funny! I can't wait to see that commercial again.
Okay CadWiz--
Are you sure you weren't half asleep and having some kinda sick erotic dream? I know a lot of the others on this board don't know you but unfortunately I do and this could be possible!!
So everyone, CadWiz needs to keep busy so any of you that need some building plans please see him so that we don't have to suffer through this again!!

PS Cadwiz--I still love you bro!!
Oh, older and all knowing big sis, yes I admit I could have been in a drunken stupor (at 4:00 in the afternoon) and just imagined a sexy Monte in a thong but you have to understand, last year we all got to see the "full Monte" and if that doesn't get you going for bear (sorry about the pun) then nothing will. Just wait until I design your house then I will get you back, count on it. <evil laugh>

But you know, I still love you too!