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Monte beats the blob in a nail biter...Toledo up next

PlayerRep said:
Awesome. My fingers are sore. I even brought my twitter account out of mothballs.
I've never bothered with twitter, so I used my Facebook account. Not bad, since I do not see much value, otherwise, for Facebook. I suppose, if they use the same inputs for big bonus points on the next round, I'll have to get some photos (chomping on a braut?) to submit. :lol:
Wow!!! That was a huge come from behind earlier this week and then another come from behind today!!

I sat up last night and voted and voted and voted and watched the UM/UND football game again (dvr) -- may have to watch it again this week one night and keep voting!!! Hopefully the Toledo folks won't be as tenacious as the Big Red thing fans . . .

Someone else alluded to this in another thread, but I think it's likely that, unless you actually reopen a new connection to the website each time you begin to vote, you may just be sitting there hitting the "vote" button with no votes being recorded. Maybe someone a little more technologically savvy can confirm this? And, if there are any tricks for getting the page to load, that would be great; it sometimes takes me several dozen tries to get the page to load successfully.