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montana, the program


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no question montana is one of the premier programs in our division, and that evidence was on display last night. we were bigger, deeper and tougher than appy, and maybe just as fast. this game was surprisingly one-sided. it might have been closer at their house, but i think we would have prevailed. right now, on the evidence, we're the better program.

but i'm always amazed at what a singular individual talent within a program can do to raise that program to spectacular heights. armanti edwards did that for appy, and brock jensen of north dakota state and vernon adams of eastern are doing it for their teams now. jensen was spectacular when he absolutely had to be on that final drive against kstate, and eastern scored on EVERY possession adams was in there, against a top-25 fbs team that returned seven starters on defense. get real! adams's performance has to be one of the great individual performances not only of this season, but in collegiate history.

so couple of questions. is app state the program really that good without armanti? and when we play eastern or--hopefully--north dakota state, can a great program like ours prevail over the best singular talent on the field?

that to me is what makes sport so interesting.
Citay, great questions. I do think we do have singular talent on the field too. Van, JJ, Kistler, Poehls on offense. Jordan Tripp, Brock Coyle, Wags, and Holmes on Defense. Granted the lineman do not get the notice like skill position players. I would take any of those guys on my team.

If asked to , JJ could dominate statistically just as Adams had to against Oregon State. 1 game in, it sure looks like Van is a difference maker and can carry a team on his back, when needed. Fortunately for the GRIZ, they have the depth where it is not needed for a player do that game in, game out. If it is possible for a punter to be an impact player, Shaw makes a huge impact on a game. The guy can do it all when it comes to punting. His presence was felt in the App State game, and will be a huge weapon for the GRIZ in field position games.
Those who have been around since the beginning can recall our first playoff appearances and Coach R. saying we needed speed to get to the next level. Fast forward to last night and we are the program we envisioned, in spades. What a great group with several individual talents- after one game with more to come--one of our best quarterbacks, one of our best linebackers, the potential of one of our best running backs....

Things are good. Stay healthy and don't get cocky.
the guy i worry about most is adams. he is a huge talent. however, he seems to thrive on drama. i'm pretty sure the griz offense will bore him to tears so much that he'll quit paying attention for long stretches and have a listless game.