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Mich Griz

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Did the crowd at the Idaho game lure the team out of the tunnel with the Montana ...Grizzlies cheer like was discussed on this board last week?
No, but the vandals were late coming out, so the Griz came out of the tunnel before the Vandals could do their trot up the sideline. The thunder of their moment was already gone for the vandals. And then when the Spud band tried to play the fight song, the PA was was already playing the stuff they do before every kickoff. It was a bad start for Idaho in everyway.
my buddies and I tried but like the others have said, Idaho was late on coming out and by then there was no way anything could have been heard. Lets all try it for the Homecoming game.

Lets show those Alumni what we are made of!!! GO GRIZ

_____ :agrue:
idea.... why doesn't the scoreboard help with this, like they have done in previous years? It would be a wonderful way to welcome Cal Poly into the stadium! I can just see the faces of the Poly players now... :eek: