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MONTANA GRIZZLIES vs msu Predictions

Cats are pretty banged up. Game will be cold and we all know how much DM likes that. 37 - 17. Griz glide into the playoffs.
If JJ doesn't play

Griz - 4
cats - 3

Griz force two safeties and hold the cats to a single field goal.

With JJ..

Griz - 35
cats - 24

Having JJ back, the D doesn't feel the same pressure to perform as it does in his absence, and allows 3 late touchdowns in "garbage time" :roll:

Serious prediction

Griz - 28
cats - 17
Let's be honest. The only way the Cats can stop the Griz is with another false allegation.

Griz up by 14 at half. Ash and crew play not to lose in 2nd half. Griz roll 38-10.

But, I'll still be there, drinking and swearing :lol:
Griz 28, Cats 24

Cats are going to bring their A-game this week, and with their playoff hopes on the line, their going to be in desperation mode, so I doubt we'll be blowing them out.

Me thinks its going to be yet another nailbiter where the Griz pull it out in the 4th.