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Montana Fans are very gracious in losing


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I was at the game as was siting in Section 112 of W-GS. All fans didn't make excusses or reasons why the Griz lost to the Bison. They said the Bison deserved to win and I thanked them for that.

There is a certain other team from North Dakota that isn't quite so gracious and it is refreshing to have such great fans in the Griz fans.

I should also note that I had a great vacation in the state of Montana even if though Glacier National Park was very smokey. The Park was still a site and would recommend anyone to visit it in the future. Of course, the vacation was highlighted by the Bison victory. I truely never thought we had a chance. I thought we would keep it closer then most of you thought but never did I think we would win.

I just wanted to thank the good people of Missoula and in the Glacier area for their hospitality and very good sportsmenship.

Thank you.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the hospitality is in Fargo, whenever that'll happen. Good luck the rest of the way.
:D There are always :wink: sour apples in every tree but most Griz fans are pretty decent folk :angel: ... I used to live in extreme Eastern MT and have had many excursions into ND. Madora is a fav of mine. Spent time in Mandan, Dickinson, Minot, Williston, and a few spots in the road. Even found that ND has a very nice Beach! :lol: The only thing I had to get used to was saying "UFDA".... :D Luv your State and it's people. Come visit us anytime.

btw... I was at the game also and found your "tail gate" party a real hoot. :drinking: Congrats to our neighbor and future D-IAA member...
ronbo said:
100 proof grizzly said:
Speaking of North Dakota, what ever happened to Nick Walker?

He must have led them to the National Championship.

Well, he didn't lead them to a national championship, but he had a great season last year as a senior, leading them to a 9-1 regular season record and the playoffs (where they lost to Carroll College in the first round), and a great career. As the DSU website notes, "Walker played quarterback for the Blue Hawks [in 2002] and rewrote nearly every passing record that Dickinson State had (both season and career)."

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