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Montana at the Olympic Trials

I’m posting this in the wrong thread.

It is not very often Montana is represented at the Olympic Trials. Amazing accomplishment for Evan Todd, Griz Athletics, the University, Kalispell, and MT as a whole. Go Griz!
Never be ashamed to post “other griz” news in the football forum. There’s only like 10 of us over there and sometimes, like this, it’s news everyone needs to know.
So I looked it up. There’s 25 competitors in the Men’s Javelin. He has to finish in the top 3 to make it on Team USA. He comes into the trials ranked 13th, so it’s gonna be a tall task but maybe he can pull the upset of the century.

The top 3 coming into the trials are Jordan Davis (84.45m), Donovan Banks (82.90m), and Marc Anthony-Minichello (82.32m).

Evan Todd’s career best is 75.13m set at the Big Sky Championships in Bozeman. He was not able to replicate that at the NCAA West Regionals (he got close), and did not perform very well at the NCAA Championships. He’s gonna need the throw of his life to even have a chance at Team USA. Regardless, this doesn’t take away from the amazing career he’s had at UM. He will be a future Griz hall of famer one day. He throws on Friday