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Montana 38 NAU 24


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A 14-pojnt win? Not exactly a drubbing, but I think the Montana team I know is back again. Good job for Johnny Montana and Co. I love it!
:D :lol: :p 8)
It was a drubbin'. The game wasn't as close as the score indicates. Typical Joe Glenn style - put the game away early, then coast in for the victory. No need to run up the score and kill the other team.
Typical Joe Glenn style - put the game away early, then coast in for the victory. No need to run up the score and kill the other team.

I'm not sure I like that nonchalant attitude. It's going to come back to bite us in the ass one day. I notice a definite relaxation and letdown when we get up on teams lately. Late touchdowns by the opposing teams every week. Too many close games could cause the seeding committee to seed us #2 instead of #1 also. Want to go see McNeese State at Lake Charles? Could happen even if we go undefeated, Bethune-Cookman is undefeated, why are they #8 or 9? Because they play a weak schedule! Everyone in the country is poo-pooin our record, saying we play cream puffs and give up tons of points to them. McNeese has played a really tough schedule, lost only to Nebraska 38-14. They beat Youngstown handily, they beat Lousiana-Monroe a Div 1A team, they beat a highly ranked Grambling 52-20. And today they beat SFA 42-14, SFA beat Southern Utah 52-6, they look at this stuff guys! And McNeese plays in the second ranked Conference for toughness. They look really good.

McNeese State's schedule is ranked by the NCAA as the #1 toughest out of 111 1AA teams. Montana's schedule is rated #82 out of 111. Here's the link.

http://www.ncaa.org/stats/division1 football/toughest schedule/iaa_9games_cumm.pdf

Hope we get McNeese here instead of having to go there. I'm not saying we couldn't beat them, we seem to find a way. But why take the chance of losing respect around the country (especially with NCAA seeding voters) by letting clearly inferior teams play us close. We should have won 45-10 today.
I don't think the coach (or me) has a nonchalant attitude when it comes to playing other teams. I think he has a lot of class and puts in the reserves, calls the dogs off, whatever, because he knows he doesn't need to run the score up. I think the selection committee takes this into account. If I can find the page with the BCS-esque fromula for I-AA I will post the link, becasue that is a big predictor for the playoffs.
Complacency? Not cutting it, PhxGriz. We can't be sleeping on the job right now, not with the way other teams are playing.
Not to pick nits but even if we were ranked #2 we would not go anywhere to play on the road until Chattanooga - A trip to Lake Charles or Lake Havasoo or Lake Gitcheegoomee or Lake of the Lakes or any other lake just is NOT going to happen this year. We would have to drop 2 outta 3 of these last games to have to go on the road. And I don't think anyone seriously thinks we wont be prepared to play at home for 2 outta those 3 and with the 3rd game at Wash Griz West aka Joe Albi I can't see us losing any of these last three. Sac State has been inconsistent, EWU - same thing - MSU getting better but still inconsistent

Look at it from the financial angle as well - the NCAA wants us to have home playoff games because we sell out 20K tickets and they get to pocket the change. Hmmmm wonder if that will exert some pressure for Griz home games?
But you see now I am confused. I'm being told by many posters that McNeese and Montana will be in the same bracket because of the NEW regional seedings. If this is true, one of the schools will lose a home game in the semi-final. Is the regional brackets a reality or not? :-?
They would never ever send the #2 team on the road before the champeenship - what will happen is that due to reginaol brackets one side or the other will get to whine about how that favors Montana due to the tougher teams all playing in the XXXXX conference :)

We would likely get whatever OTHER teams comes outta the Southland - i.e. Northwestern State if McNeese McBeats them or maybe McNeese of Northwestern beats them - but not the number 2 seed - that would cause a MAJOR league uproar!

Course this is very hypothetical at this point - read Tony Moss this week - he is going to do a series on playoff chances and he will likely give a better guide than I could to who might make it and where they might play!