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Momentum and emotion


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Too much of a good thing is bad in most instances whether it be beer or reading Alpa Griz posts. This got me wondering, the Grizzly football team is flying higher than Jake Weezie Saturday night at Rocking the Rivers. Up next EWU....... yes, the same bunch of scalywags that scored twice just outside of two minutes to devastate this team last season. The crowd, players, hell even our 70 year old Yoda like head coach will be pumped up for this one. Is this good or bad? Will the team use this emotion to open up a bottle of donkey punch or will we make a lot of dumb mistakes and turn the ball over (as Mick puts it)?
If the Griz play like they did against NAU and most of the Cal Poly game they will get rolled. EWU is not a team that will let them back in unless the Griz offense can hang with them by scoring points instead of leaving them on the field. This means the Griz need to execute on all three phases of the game. If the Griz coaches want to continue losing any momentum by going for it on every 4th down without converting more than they have been they will get rolled. If the offensive line does not dominate the line of scrimmage causing the Griz to be one dimensional or worse, like they were for most of the Poly game it will be a bad day to be a Griz.

That said, the Griz can and will make the necessary adjustments, with the possible exception of taking the 3 pointers, (they are only for losers anyway you know ;)). The emotion of last years loss plus this last game and NAU will drive the Griz all week but could affect them negatively to start the game. The momentum of this last win will push them harder and the Griz will show the Big Sky and FCS were they stand come game day.

Go Griz
With basically the same Offensive Line last year, we pushed EWU around. If not for laying the ball on the ground going in the red zone, we win last year going away.
Hopefully, we find that same offensive line surge next week.
Go Griz!