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MN reveals pricey plan for Gopher athletics


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Not Griz football but interesting.

Gophers athletic director Norwood Teague unveiled a $190 million athletic facilities master plan for the University of Minnesota on Wednesday, surprising observers with the size, scope and cost of the long-anticipated project, which will affect every university sport.

“More than anything, I wanted to show that we’re going to be aggressive and be committed to doing the best we can and stretching ourselves all that we can to building something like this,” Teague said. “Am I guaranteeing all of this is going to get done in eight years? No. But that’s our goal.”

http://www.startribune.com/sports/gophers/215009961.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
The priciest plan for gopher athletics was the state legislature's demand that the new Vikings indoor stadium be capable of hosting Gopher baseball (the Gophers play baseball in the soon to be torn down Metrodome - as does numerous other college teams including some UND and NDSU baseball games ).


The revenue from Minnesota's share of Big Ten Network take will be absurd, with hockey getting an extra $2 mill check. Minnesota likely adds lacrosse too (which is very popular in the Cities) and joins the big boys Maryland and Johns Hopkins in the new Big Ten lacrosse leage, with the Vikings new stadium hosting those games too.
I think this is great. A team that is one of the little guys in their league is stepping up to be the best. Fighting Nebraska Ohio State Penn State and Michigan and Wisconsin for athletes is tough, this will help in all sports. Good for them but...GO BIG RED
GO GOPHERS!!!!!!! I hope the powers to be in Montana will take note. At the very least stop being wimps and start to progressively move forward toward a bright future. As is, the future does not look as bright.

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