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Message for Geaux....


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This message is for Geaux Griz. I am a little big intersted in your background. Are you originally from Missoula and then transplanted to Baton Rouge or what. I ask this because my dad grew up in Baton Rouge way back in the day of the Billy the "Atomic" Cannon's midnight run.

I follow the tigers closely in all sports. How do you think that they will be this year. I hope that Mauck's foot is healed!!!
Yeah...I am going to school at LSU. But I am on my way back to the Garden "Smoked Trout" City!

I really think that LSU Has a chance to do REAL well this year. Mauck should be better than ever from what the coaches have been saying. Plus we have one of the most talented WR groups in the nation. Look for Michael Clayton to have a huge season. The Offensive Line is the best in Tiger history this year.....and probably the best in the nation this year.

The "?" maybe the LBs. LSU has had great LBs the last few years, but this year we maybe a bit green. There is quite a bit of talent there....but green. The secondary should be solid.

I think they could win the National Title this year. Mostly because of the schedule. The tough games this year would be Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas and Florida..... Those games are at Death Valley. I could see them going undefeated.....ofcourse, in the SEC...they could lose 4 games too. But if they do go undefeated and win the SEC championship....they will go to the NC. And I have season tickets to watch it all unfold. Come down for a game if you like!
I hope that you are right. Micheal Clayton is so fast. here's a question for you.
How much louder is death valley than washington griz when both are rockin? I am really interested in that. Also, have you gone to any games at Alex Box Stadium?
Man I'm sick of all these Louisiana posts - let's ban all Louisiana posts, I never want to see another - just having a littel fun with you Sweetwyne, no reason for anyone to get upset.
GrizBeer, love the reply to all of these posts that are unrelated to Griz football! Glad somebody jumped on me for that!!

...But seriously, these posts cant be as bad as Dakota posts :)
Yeah...ALex Box stadium is sweet too. The facilities at LSU are unreal. But that is to be expected at a SEC school I guess. There are plans to expand both Alex Box and Tiger stadium. Skip Berkman is now the AD, and has said there are plans to expand Death Valley by 20,000 seats!!! :eek: That would bring the total cap. to 113,000! :eek: :eek: :eek:

At any rate.....Death Valley is louder at top volume by quite a bit....My apartment is about 3/4 of a mile away form the stadium, and it is loud enough that I can hear the roar outside. But thoughout the whole game, and for consistant noise while on D...the Griz win hands down. Also, the noise is not in ratio with the number of fans. There are more than 3.5 times the fans at LSU games......but they may only get twice as loud, and with the Griz expansion...that will be closer to only 1.354 times as loud. :wink:

It is crazy.....but the fans there go the most crazy for the band. The Band opens the games by playing "Pregame" a group of school songs that bring the freakin world tumbling down around you..... it is crazy. Then the game starts and they mellow out a bit. :-?

I know that a lot of people think the Band is for geeks and fags.....and I would have agreed before I came to LSU........But now I see how awesome the band can make the college game. I wish the Griz band could be so good. I promise that anybody who came to a game at LSU and saw the band here would agree. :wink:

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