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Me Be GGG ...


Well-known member
... or GoodGodGriz

I grew up in Great Falls, went to college at UM, then had to move to Billings for 8 years till the right work opportunity could move me and my family back to wonderful Missoula. That happened in March of 2000.

I'm a data administrator (databases, programmer, web development) in the health care industry. I have the luxury of spending 40+ hours a week in front of my computer, so that is why I am a frequent visitor here.

Though I consider myself a 'rabid' fan, I rarely memorize stats other than the # of times we kick someone's ass in a row. Saturday game days are next to heaven. Its a time to step out of my weekday self and become something un-explainable and sometimes frightening.

My brother is an artist living in Hamilton, and is greatly responsible for my game-faces and crazy antics.

I really enjoy meeting all you egrizers at the games, so don't be shy. I don't bite.

Ht: 6'3"
Wt: 235'ish
Status: Hitched (twice!) to my wife, have 1 son in third grade (2003)
Pets: Cat, little f&*% hairball
Likes: Griz Football, Golf, Water Sports, Computers, Franks Red Hot Cayene Pepper Sauce, Reality TV.
Dis-Likes: Ignorance, Green Peppers, anything that SUCKS!
I believe I know GGG and his wife -- both great people!
He's telling the truth, he doesn't bite. His wife might, though! :wink:

I'm living down here in Hades, otherwise known at Tucson, Arizona. It's almost October and the high temp. this weekend - 98 degrees! I must've rooted for the Kitties at some point to have deserved this!


Go Griz!

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