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McNeese St. Football


I wanted to post after reading all the comments from Grizzlie fans. We don't like looking ahead so I'm not saying that we will meet in Chatanooga. (Just yet)

McNeese St. is located in Lake Charles, LA about 20 minutes from the Texas state line and about 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. McNeese has been a national I-AA power for quite a while and just not knowing anything about them....well...Are you truly a I-AA fan?

Let's go down the list here. The Cowboys are beating opponents by a score of 38-14 this year. Now remember, this is the toughest I-AA schedule in the land. (This is not counting Nebraska) Now say all you want about Nebraska having a sub-par year, but this is still Nebraska. No I-AA team in the country is going to walk into Lincoln and come out with a win. Montana included. (Say all you want, but that's just being biased).

Our offense basically lives on the running game, but go ahead. Step up and pile 9 guys up in the box. Jermaine Martin (Remember '97, Donnie Ashley that caught the game winner? Mirror Image) B.J. Sams, and Britt Brodhead are all amazing athletes and VERY VERY smart football players. Scott Pendarvis is one of the most effecient QB's in the country and once again, the word smart is brought to the table.

The running game. Oh boy, the running game. The King and his court. Vick King, Jacob Prim, Luke Lawton, Marcus Trahan. All of whom could be starters on alot of teams throughout football. Depth, Depth, Depth, Depth. Just when Vick is tired. Bring in Prim. Or just give it to Luke. Wait....then there's Marcus. What are you going to do!? You tell me. McNeese can be playing anyone at anytime, while two more RB's are resting while the opposing defense is still huffing in the middle of the field. The O-Line averages 300+ pounds and, I'll say it once more, smart football rears its face again.

I know Montana is the defending champion, has the winning streak in their favor, has the home winning streak, and no telling what else there is, but who have you impressed? Who have you played and struggled with? What have you done for me? Not a whole lot, but you did beat the powerful Sacramento St., Southern Utah,....You see where I'm going with this? Montana a close 3rd in the SLC. It's all about the competition. Seen what we did to the #4 team in the country. Take a look. GeauxCowboys.com

McNeese has a stern test this week with Northwestern St, and ends the season with Nicholls St. If the Cowboys win out, we will be looking for a #2 seed and home field advantage throughout. The bad side to that, is I hope ya'll get Georgia Southern and we don't. Until next time,

L'aissez Bon Temps Roulez

Nachitoches Bound......Then we think
Chattanooga Bound![/img]
First...I know MSU is reffering to McNeese St. University...but that is one ugly monicker!

Second...if the Pokes have a year like the Griz did last year, you will know what it is like to play the entire year with a big target on your back. You get everyone's best shot when you are the defending champs. Thought I would explain that if you didn't know.

Third...I agree about the GSU thing...you guys can have 'em.

Fourth...I think you guys do have an impressive team...I'm sorry our Griz haven't equally impressed you. Hopefully they'll get a better chance to impress you in 'Nooga. Good luck to your Pokes getting there. We'll do our best to close out the other side of the bracket.
Is this guy for real? McNeese St a 1-AA Powerhouse. LMAO. Also, in reference to your scores, you aint hardly played anyone. Who cares what a team is ranked. That dont mean squat.
parr90 said:
Is this guy for real? McNeese St a 1-AA Powerhouse. LMAO. Also, in reference to your scores, you aint hardly played anyone. Who cares what a team is ranked. That dont mean squat.

Okay.... I'd say that if nothing else, McNeese THIS year has proven that they are a IAA powerhouse, but I'd say they're about to hit the meat of thier schedule in thier last two games.

I'm not going to go for stats vs stats BS though. In another conferance they don't mean bupkiss. Montana in 96' on the old stats board was demolishing thier foes, just like Marshall, but when the final game came around... Moss. That's all I can say about that.

It should make for a good matchup if MT and McNeese don't faulter from here on out. I'm not worried about McNeese right now. I'm worried about Eastern Washington. Every team gets more of an adrenaline rush to play the #1 ranked defending National Champs... to kick us off of our spot on the "mountain."

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