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McNeese makes a statement...63-28


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Not that Nichols is a great team but McTeam kicked their buttocks and ended their skid of slipping by teams by marginal scores.
I guess they're ready for the playoffs.
Yes, it looks like they are, but I still think they will have deserved to be seeded #1 even if they won this by a close margin. Being number one all season, having that bullseye on them, and always having to go against the opponents A+++ game is quite difficult.

Griz should have a home game next week, only because of the way the playoffs are bracketed now. If it were a true playoff system where all of the teams are seeded 1 thru 16, and money and attendance didn't matter, Montana would be traveling next week. As it is, only 4 teams are seeded, and after that, money talks.
McNeese jumped to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter. It was 35-21 late in the third quarter. Nichols was driving for a TD, when their fumble was returned for a TD. McNeese scored 21 in the 4th. McNeese dominated much of the game, but it looks like they ran it up in the 4th.
I have watch both teams several times this year. NSU is awful. The fact that Portland St. beat them tells you something......And I am not afaid of McTeam at all.....

In fact, the lose to the cats may be a good thing in the long run. We will most likely be in easier bracket now than if we would have won. Wait and see.

I love your logic,......only a Griz fan would think that a loss is good...

And Who are you to say a team is awful, ...remember you guys LOST to a D2 school!!!!! Your confidence is amusing. I am glad you are not scared of the Cowboys.....