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Massey Ratings: Kind of Interesting...

UPWIMT said:
And like most polls it is pure BS . . . C?



The teams listed above us have been anialating the teams they've played and have not lost to any Div. II teams. We have squeaked by a couple and lost to a lower Div. team.

You feel we should be higher? Or lower?

This is the best ranking I've seen so far. It has the weak schedule teams down where they belong.
I agree that polls are basically BS. But this one looks pretty solid as does the Sports Network one. I might shuffle a couple and possibly move someone up into WKU's spot, but I really can't argue with it.
Given what NAU has done so far...........

Played a very good Arizona State 34-14 at Tempe.
Shutout Portland State 23-0 at Portland.
Slaughtered Cal Poly and Weber State.

I think they difinately deserve top 5.
I guess we don't need to play the rest since the polls tell us who would win anyway - polls are fun to glance at but are meaningless on Saturday.

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