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Mason's NCAA Division I-AA Football Playoff Top 30 Rankings

Mason's NCAA Division I-AA Football
Playoff Top 30 Rankings
As of 11/9/03

Rank Teams / Conference
1 Massachusetts / Atlantic 10 *
2 McNeese State / Southland **
3 Colgate / Patriot League *
4 Southern Illinois / Gateway *
5 Wofford / Southern *
6 Florida Atlantic / I-AA Independent **
7 North Carolina A&T / Mid-Eastern Athletic *
8 Western Kentucky / Gateway *
9 Western Illinois / Gateway *
10 Alabama A&M / Southwestern Athletic *
11 Cal Poly / I-AA Independent **
12 Lehigh / Patriot League **
13 Montana / Big Sky *
14 Gardner-Webb / Big South *
15 Northern Iowa / Gateway *
16 Nicholls State / Southland **
17 Appalachian State / Southern *
18 Jacksonville State / Ohio Valley **
19 Eastern Washington / Big Sky *
20 Fordham / Patriot League *
21 Stephen F. Austin / Southland **
22 Bethune-Cookman / Mid-Eastern Athletic **
23 William & Mary / Atlantic 10 **
24 Eastern Kentucky / Ohio Valley *
25 Northeastern / Atlantic 10 *
26 Georgia Southern / Southern *
27 South Carolina State / Mid-Eastern Athletic *
28 Delaware / Atlantic 10 *
29 Weber State / Big Sky *
30 Maine / Atlantic 10 *

Based on his poll, I wasn't sure we'd make the playoffs.

Where's the "this guy's a clown" emoticon?

This one works. :silly:

So does this one. :flipoff:
I don't know "Doug Mason" or really care who he is but, this is the last time I will dignify one of his posts with a reply......or for that matter even read one of his posts. This drivel deserves no reply...
I do not know the point of this Drug Masons poll. The one thing I can deduct is credibility. He obviously doesn't want that.
how does Deleware, who have only lost one game, and beat a good Navy team come in at 28th. And how is Georgia Southern even mentioned. This Doug Mason Guy has NO credibility. It must be a joke
How are there three Patriot League teams in the top 20 (!)? Oh, and Gardner-Webb, who got beat by like 40 points in their one foray into the Big Sky, is there as well.
At least he had the sense to get the Ivy League teams out of there, and if the Patriot Leaguers played other conferences besides Ivy, we'd get the true measure of their weakness as well and see them stop taking up space in these polls... ah, forget it. This poll is so ridiculous as to not even warrant the bitching. At least the TSN and GPI seem to consider differentials in conference strength.
Meanwhile at Mr. Mason's real job . . . .

Not that I agree with it, but Doug has been putting out his poll for quite a while. Its all in the numbers. Apparently, the Griz don't rank high in the categories he has chosen. Its much like how Petes poll is so in favor of the Gateway all the time. At least he spends the time to put out a poll.
Just read my own post - and the last line doesn't sound right. I am in no way shape or form slamming a person for not putting out a poll. Just saying he must like I-AA football to spend the time on a poll each week.

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