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Mark Mariani to IR


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Too bad.

Marc Mariani to spend second straight season on injured reserve

Posted by Michael David Smith on August 31, 2013, 12:56 PM EDT
Marc Mariani, Jason McCourty
As a rookie, Marc Mariani was one of the best stories in the NFL. A little-known prospect who caught the Titans’ attention while he was a college teammate of coach Jeff Fisher’s son at Montana, Mariani went from a seventh-round pick to a Pro Bowl return man.

Unfortunately, Mariani is now a sad story in the NFL: He missed all of last season after suffering a Theismannesque broken leg, and now he’s going to miss all of this year, too.

The Titans are placing Mariani on season-ending injured reserve, meaning he will miss his second consecutive year.

This is the final year of Mariani’s contract, so he will be a free agent in March, and can try to pick up his once-promising career somewhere.
Last I heard he was improving rapidly and had a small shoulder injury setback.

He was the brightest spot in the NFL for me ...
Sounds like to me that Tennessee just didn't want to cut him, if they had cut him at least he could play somewhere else this season.