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Heard he had a great return that got called back on a completely irrelevant holding call. Got tripped up by the punter.
One return for 20-plus yards..Another called back. Think it would have gained 54 yards. Two punt returns for 8 yards. No catches, no targets. Was the first string on returns. Night was over midway through the second quarter.
I was at the game and the loudest player ovation of the night was when he went out for his punt return...it was Awesome! About half the fans stood up for it. Of course the punter shanked it out of bounds. But he did end up getting two punt returns and a kick return (as mentioned above). As for as WR goes he didn't get too much PT, but it was mostly in the first half w/Fitzpatrick the backup QB. No passes to him though. I hope he can make the team...the city is definitely behind him

http://www.titansonline.com/news/article-1/Notebook-Marc-Marianis-Return-to-Action-Pretty-Surreal/71771b85-cf1d-413b-9707-6d040f67bac0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Nashville liking Marc is Psychological... In making the coaches think, maybe we have to keep him... I bet there would be riots if they cut him