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Mariani Video


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He has 20 lbs more muscle and the same speed as of two weeks ago. I am jacked about this season for him.
If anyone is ever down on themselves with self pity, need to listen to these video's. Marc is an inspiration to Griz nation, Montana and all of mankind! HOOAH!!

Sounds like Munchak will at least give him a fighting chance to earn his spot back...
(on Marc Mariani’s return)

You see an injury like that, you always see the way the players always find a way to come back from injury. You hear the story of guys making those comebacks because of their determination, will, love of the game, all that stuff. He had all that. So we thought if anyone could make it back from that type of injury, it was him. He proved that by how he worked from the day he got hurt. From the next day out he took an aggressive approach to find a way to know that wasn’t going to be the last play he played and I think he’s done a great job fighting through it. It’s a tough time for him. OTAs are one thing when you have days off. You practice one day, get a day off, practice. This is everyday. It’s a different type of routine for him to get through physically. He’s pushing through and hopefully he’s just going to continue to get better. He’s going to have to fight through some adjustments, get used to the field and he knows what that feels like. It’s remarkable what he’s done so far.

(on a maintenance day for Mariani)

We want to get him to the game. We want to give him a chance to play in the game again, do some things, get the ball back in his hands and play in that first preseason game, which I’m sure he will. We don’t want to lose him along the trail with all the work he’s done. But, he needs to work. If we told him to take tomorrow off, he’d be telling us “no way.” He knows there are certain things he’s supposed to work through. We will be working with him, just like the other players and being smart that we don’t push him too far so maybe he’s more tired than he is. He’s done a heck of a job.