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OK...I know it's a bit early.....but school's out and I have the time. Here is a link to the Maine Spring prospectus...


And here is what I notice. This is a really solid team. They have the whole O-Line back including the TE. They have their RB back. :lol: They had their starting WRs leave the teamin the middle of the season last year, so they have the 2 guys that replaced them returning. They need to replace their QB, but have three good guys that are all capable.

On D, they only have 6 starters back, but are very solid on the corners. The LBs are green, and they lost their FS...... But this was a D that was awesome last year.

This will be a bigger challenge than Hofstra last year, and a big measuring stick to start the season. To travel across country to face them on their turf will be a good challenge for our guys and the new coaching staff.
Do they have the douche bag who sells steroids back?

That could be why their team 'seems' to be so solid.

I aint worried, "Bobby and the Boys"(trademark) are gonna have them selves a black bear dinner!
The steroid guy is gone. Graduated. Doubt the NCAA would have let him play this year if he was coming back anyway.
the player that was caught is gone, BUT, the coach and AD who knew about the Roids are still there.
Also, the players that left mid-season were charged with rape, and plead to a lesser sentence. At UM ANY student even charged(with rape) is booted off campus. In this case the overwhelming evidence was ignored by the coach.
Their "Leaders" are not people to look up to.
I think if Hauck encountered the same thing he'd have strung up those boyz by the cahunies himself and let them hang.
The two players that were kicked off the Maine team last year were never charged with anything, so they never pled to anything. They were "booted off campus", however. They eventually enrolled at Tenn.-Martin, an OVC school. But, you are correct about the coach and the AD having knowledge of the LB's arrest on steroid possesion and then keeping it quiet. They were "admonished" by the university. They should have been canned. The NCAA has said that the school did not violate any rules for allowing the player to participate because he was accused of possesion, not ingestion.
Guys, guys, guys.....at least get your facts staright! Maine's athletic director is Patrick Nero. Considering that he was hired April 1, I seriously doubt that he had any knowledge of the "rape"/steroids issues. And yes, Maine will be a MUCH bigger challenge for your team than Hofstra was. Is it football season yet?
Maine will be a MUCH bigger challenge than Hofstra was??? My oh my the confidence is high in Lobster country. You could be right. We'll just have to wait and see. 3 months and counting!!
I didn't realize that UMaine had a new AD. My bad.
I would agree that they should be a tougher opponent than Hofstra was. But that is with the knowledge that Hofstra had a down year in 02'. Before the game everyone was expecting a different Hofstra to show up. Only time will tell.
Yes, I agree it will be a real challenge to beat Maine at their place. I do have to wonder though why MaineJeff feels that Maine is so much superior to Hofstra. Maine beat Hofstra 24-17 at home and the GRIZ beat Hofstra 21-0 on the road. Maine returns their linemen but have some big holes to fill, especially on defense. They average a paltry 5,600 fans for home games. I expect there will be nearly as many GRIZ fans in Orono as Maine fans. Last year we had more fans on Long Island than Hofstra :eek: .
Uh, MaineJeff? I'm a little confused. The Black bears' official attendance average is indeed 5,600. At least that's what the school reports to the powers that be. I'm not doubting that the place will be packed this August, but how big is Alfond? And will this game be played before school is actually in session in Maine?
Would anyone else care to reply with the number of tickets reserved by UM? I've got mine, they're part of a five day travel package Mrs. 4life and I signed onto in January.
It shouldn't be too difficult to "pack" Alfond Stadium since it seats a whopping 10,000. A large number of those seats will be filled with the silver and maroon! The Hofstra fans couldn't believe we had over 3,000 at their place last August. Hofstra gave each student four tickets if they bought one and gave free tickets to grade school students and we still outnumbered them. No doubt Maine will do better than that, BUT they won't be GRIZ loud! :wink:
Maine jeff.....do you guys have a message board that is up and running....and used? And why do you think it will be packed??? I read that the record attendance is just over 9,000. Was that at a LaCross game? :wink: So you've never had a sellout?

Seriously though.....do I need to get my tickets before the game?
OK....I'll try and answer some of your questions.

Alfond Stadium seats about 8,500. Despite what the athletic dept. lists, those are the actual number of seats (chairbacks and bleachers).

The largest crowd ever at Alfond Stadium was opening night vs. UNH....it was 9,000+ with many lining the field. (I was at this game).

Yes, it will be packed for Montana. Great weather and a great opponent will = SRO.

Yes, Maine only drew about 3,000 for a game vs. McNeese back in 1999. You have to remember that Maine's success is very recent (the last 2 years to be exact). Before that Maine football fans were few, and 1-AA knowledge non-existent. Tailgating has really picked up, and people now recognize 1-AA football. We aren't at the level of Montana (who is?), but I'm sure that the athletic dept. would love Maine Football to become the "Montana of the East". Folks I've talked to hope that Montana brings tons of fans......Mainers love playing host to visitors from other parts of the country.

P.S. - What areas/sites does the 5 day tour include?

P.S.S. - The web address for UMaine sports is www.voy.com/101560/
I seem to remember reading somewhere about a '3 Hour Tour' aboard a small touring vessell called the S.S. Minnow.

Sound right? :wink:

Damn, Wish I could go... maybe I will
Unfortunately, a "3 Hour Tour" going awry off the Maine coast will not end with a visit to a tropical island....think Titantic.
Thanks for the answers on Maine, Jeff. I thought I-AA football in Maine might be a lot like it is in Montana, where the Griz benefit from not competing with an in-state 1-A team for fans. Who do the Maine folks follow other than the Black Bears?
College football just isn't that big in Maine or New England for that matter. Mainers follow pro football (the Patriots), and a few follow Boston College (1-A). College hockey is king at UMaine, but football is a solid #2 now......which is a lot better than it used to be.

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