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Maine to start Freshman QB against Montana.


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According to the Portland Press Herald, Maine will start a Freshman QB against the Griz.

Ron Whitcomb is 6-foot-2, 212 pounds.


I have a feeling their new quarterback will be making new friends with a lot of our Griz defensive players. I'm sure he will feel a real closeness and they will help him come out of his shell.
careful, remember the last time the griz faced a freshman qb. :eek:
i know it's different, this is his first game, the other had a few games under his belt. :wink:
Come on Hokey, we are not really talking trash or making any wild predictions. Heck, maybe our defense and the redshirt freshman will form some life long bonds and such. By the way, I am sure that that freshman from last year that you mentioned will be given an opportunity to become friendly again with the boys on our D. But that discussion will have to wait about 12 or so more weeks.