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Love the support for the Bison


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I respect these fiesty NDSU fans. They go out and support their team and get smacked around, and they keep coming back. Hoo! Rah! NDSU fans, we Griz fans respect you for that no matter how your team does Saturday.

You guys think even one Cal Poly fan, or Weber fan, or NAU fan, or Portland State fan, or Imahoe fan will have the grit show up here?
We BISON fans are a feisty bunch, but we're only "feisty" by Griz terms. In reality, NDSU is a giant in the DII ranks and most everybody who plays us has a deep down feeling that they just night get their @sses handed to them. We have won 8, yes, EIGHT National Championships, we've won the NCC a record 26 times and we have a playoff record that would impress even you Griz fans. We may be simply dismissed as an upstart, "wanna-be" Griz program but the fact of the matter is that we have tasted outstanding success at our level and we aim to take it to your level. The last two years under the Babich regime were a fluke and we will be quick to forget about it. That guy put our program on a downward spiral and we all know how short people's memories are in the "what have you done for me lately?" mindset of college football. I will not make a prediction on this week's game but I sincerely expect the BISON to keep it within 3 TD's and hopefully limit any potential injuries. You see, this is the first time we've felt the underdog role in oh, the last two decades and we have the utmost respect for the Griz program and it's people. Let's hope that the BISON can gain some respect from the folks out west after this game and hopefully build on what could someday be a fantastic rivalry! BTW--congrats to the Griz on your win over the Black Bears of Maine. See you this weekend!

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