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So far it seems like Brent Myers has been getting all of the preseason hype at linebacker this yera. The position that i am wondering about is middle linebacker with Joel Robinson. He doesnt look like much of an athlete but did he make the plays last year. I have absolutely no knowledge about Nick Vella and i am hoping someone could fill me in on him. Sounds like ex QB Andy thompson has the other postition secured.

Our D-line is going to be absolutley unreal, that is a given. My question is going to be how the Linebackers play. We havent had a complete stud at Linebacker since Jason Crebe IMHO. Fill me in if I am wrong.
I think we will be fine at LB. I agree that we haven't had a stud lately, although Steinau was pretty damn good. I think we have some young ones in Dhouly and McIntyre though that are going to be a handful. Both are tremendous athletes, smart kids and hard workers. That is a lethal combination. Vella has had shoulder problems in the past, but seems fine now and played in Robinson's absence at times last year. I think Thompson is behind Adam Hoge right now, but I could be wrong. Hoge is solid, but doesn't seem to make any big plays. I'm looking forward to Myers causing some changes in posession this year. Two Missoula kids starting on defense this year (Polhemus), it's been awhile since that happened. Besides, with the Defensive line we have our LB's are pretty much free to roam and make plays. I'll be optimistic and say they will do well. At least we have more depth there than the last couple years.
Steinau was VERY good. Also, don't forget Adam BOOOOOMER!

Joel Robinson has been very solid for the last two years. Remember, he had some injury problems last year. Didn't Hoge play with a cast on his arm/hand for most of last year? I look for Shane McIntyre (sp?) to come on strong this year.
How could I forget Boomer??? I might go to hell. Another Idaho kid that the Vandals told to screw off. Bush, Farris, Branen, on and on. Are they asleep at the switch over there? And yes, Hoge did have a cast on his hand/wrist.
You don't hold the opposition to 100 yds rushing a game over the last two years without a terrific middle linebacker.

Think about it.
You are right, Robinson is solid........but think about this...........His job is much easier due to the interior tackles on the D-Line. He is not having to shed blockers on every play because they are being taken care of before they get there.
Yoro was pretty damn good too, until the un-timely knee injury. Didn't he start as a Frosh?
He never really got to showcase his talent.. he was good at special teams, but thats about all I remember, aside from all of the hype.
Robinson has to be given some credit as a run stopper. Look what happened at EW last year when he couldn't play. He was still banged up against the kittens, but had to play anyway because of so many more critical injuries to others. Yes our def line is good, but I think Robinson also helps make our line look better. All the linebackers could be set to have a banner year. Though I predict some of our guys will have a lower number of tackles vs. other teams because the opposing offense will have so little time on the field. Three and outs don't allow for too many tackles.
Forgive my stupidity...but does anyone remember a kid last year who just tore up special teams. I remember him in the Idaho game last year keeping them pinned down in their own end the whole game. If anyone remembers him...has he moved up onto the D?

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