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LEX HILLARD: Just a thought


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Why not give him a shot as the starter next week. It seems like since everyone else doesn't look good at all, and they are wasting his redshirt anyway, he should get a shot. He looked like the best back we had on his runs yesterday. I don't think we have anything to lose, atleast by giving him more carries. Any thoughts?
I have a thought. That kid is freakin real good. Lets get him some time out there. Maybe split time between him and one of the others......
He'll get his shot, but lets not rush him. He is only a true freshman. By the time the year is over he will be the one getting 5 yards each carry. He was the ONLY one to go for the hole against NDSU. No dancin', prancin', and fallin' over.
beings he is good and they burned his RS season i hope they give him at least 1/2 the reps...i also hope they give Engleman a shot too, he won't do any worse than Waller and Green.
First of all, great site. I'm new here, have been using the unoffical board for some time but am making the switch to egriz.

I have been high on Lex since the first time I saw and met the kid as a Sophomore at Flathead. He is a great talent and could be at several I-A schools. I agree that he should be starting if you based it on talent alone. He runs hard, downhill and is probably the fastest RB the Griz have. This was evident on the series he played on Saturday especially the sweep where he came in motion and cut in the hole on a dime and accelerated for a 8 yard gain. That said, I agree that he shouldn't be rushed too much as a true freshman. He didn't have spring ball like the other guys and has a new system that he's learning. I suspect that's why his play has been limited. Expect to see more and more of Lex as the season progresses.
If they just play him every 1st down he'll touch the ball 1/3 of the time because the coach doesn't know any other play, they call a run on 1st down every time. And every coach in the system knows that.
He also won't miss any pass blocks cause we never deviate from the game plan, WOW . this might work