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Lets talk about recruits.....


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Some have said we don't have to worry about it.....I hope in 4-5 years they feel the same way.

We had 14...yes 14 seniors on the team, whom where all on scholarship. To my knowledge we have four guys that gave verbal commitments. Ochs, hillard, mookie, and I can't remember the other kid.

Add to that the gray shirts.....I think there are 2 or 3 that will get scholarship offers.

We still have a minumim of 7 scholarships left........In 1-AA that is a TON!!!

If you factor in those that may quit the team and we mave have a few more. (Feel free to help me out with the count on this, I didn't do any research, just off the top of my head.)

We need to get a coach so we can pull in a few of these kids!

Hell...I think that Hogan outta hire GGG and have him go to some recruit's houses with his melon all camoed out and the cape rippling in the wind!

"Son, this is CAAAAAAAAAAMO man, and in oder for us to live in a world of peace and harmony, we need you to commit to the Griz so that CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMO man can have the inspiration to continue his tirade of justice over all the Big Sky Conference!"

May Peace, loyalty, justice, and Griz colored camo gear continue to dominate the Sky on fall Saturdays. Amen.

You can add Willy Walden to the scholarships. Also, if Jelani gets another year, he will probably get one.
I have officially heard it all now.

No reason for me to continue posting on this board, as I have 'hit the end of the Internet'.

Hang on a second... phone call...

OK, I'm back. That was Hogan! I've been offered the head recruiting job! He said my ability to motivate, intimidate, infiltrate, urinate, and infuriate were the main reasons he called.

Thanks Geaux, I owe it all to you! *smoooooooch*
Geaux, compared with the last few seasons 7 isnt a huge number. But still you're point is well taken. and even 1 is important seeing as each one might be the difference between winning and losing in the final quarter. I really hope we get a guy who can hit the ground running recruiting-wise.
And there may be 14 seniors, but not sure all those on scholarship. Anybody know if Staninger is on scholarship. I believe transfered from Nevada and walked on. Maybe others that are walkons.
yeah, like i said, even 1 guy might the the difference maker.
in some years we've signed 14 guys, some years even more than that by a large margin.