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let's do the eGriz.com wave...


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Throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don't care...


help me out now...
What would be more fun would be a egriz "FLASH MOB"! Maybe we could do several flash mob scenes at one of the future Griz home games. I'm not normally into "trendy" stuff but this sounds harmless, quick and kinda fun.

No "flash" mob has nothing to do with showing skin.............
I've been talking with my brother (The Artist) about coming up with a shirt design.. he's got some really cool ideas already, maybe he could come up with something for eGriz.

He has a collegiate license to produce Griz stuff, so the sky is the limit... all we'd need is...


If you guys send ideas, lets see what we can put together. I think it would kick ass, and of course, get the eGriz name even more out there.

Put your thinkin caps on Griz Fans... post reply's here.
By the sounds of many of the posts on this board, maybe a picture of a computer monitor sitting on a desk with a slumped over person laying across the keyboard and a bunch of empty beer cans thrown about.

That would be me anyway.........................in my younger years! Now about 3 beers would do it!
I have a pic that I think JahGriz did that I use as a background on my PC at work. All about NEZ Crazies and has "guess who's" head on the figure holding a gun and baring entry to the NEZ... this is a cool pic (there are at least two more as far as I know)... maybe something like that. Come on now GGG it is only fitting that "one" of the talking "heads" be featured :lol:
Great idea!! I was going to do a themed shirt for each game this year. Last week was a Griz standing over a dead bison with a fork and knife in his hand. (Never made it farther than my computer.) I would definitely wear an egriz shirt. Also, last week I inquired about getting my wifes name on Griz Vision. They said it is $100 for any announcement. Maybe we can scrape together the money to put an ad for egriz up on the big screen.