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Lets all go....


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Well my wife and I just booked a fight to JFK.....

Can not wait to see the Griz live again, Didn't get to see them live at all last year. And this will be the only chance we'll get to see them this year....oh, and the nc!

So if our broke butts can go, so can you! Come one come all! We'll see you there!

PS I'll be the one with the maroon on. :wink:
Glad to hear you're going to make it to the game! My brother and I will be there! We'll trade you a Moose Drool for some crawfish etoufee!
Man im bummed. Ya'll will have to cheer for me. We had our NY trip all planned then the trip money turned into a down payment on a house. :cry: ( a bittersweet moment) All teary eyed I had to give up my trip. At least i'll have something to show for it. Not that matters but last year we were on our honeymoon in Maui. We missed the game by a week or so. For some reason my wife didn't want to move the wedding. Guess my luck is runnin kinda short. Or maybe I need to get my prioritys straight. hahaha
Damn, I wanted to go but we blew our money finishing our basement this year.

Make a sign that says Geaux Griz on it and hold it up so we can see you on TV, it's being carried by KPAX(CBS Affiliate) I believe.

Have fun, I'll be at home in my new home theatre with beer in hand watching the game & shooting pool! Guess the money on the basement was well spent afterall.

Yeah......I'll trade ya! My trip for either of your homes in Missoula....plus your home Griz tickets. Ok, That's not a very fair deal..... so I'll buy the home game tickets and through in the student apartment on the bayou that we live in. :roll:
i agree, the cost of the trip is way too much for my budget. I will be at every home game this year and hopefully at the NC. Go Griz!!

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