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Legacy Tour 2013


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The 2013 Griz home opener was epic.
-Utter domination of an elite FCS powerhouse under the lights in one of the best venues in college football. All while sporting sick new uniforms/helmets & capping off the victory with a maroon fireworks show...

That's the Griz Football I know and love


The 2013 Griz have prevailed in a crucial battle and even established an intimidating presence but there is still a massive war to be won and it has only just begun.

Time to aim all sites on & fully engage North Dakota.
Time for REVENGE

Great poster man. I see all the creativity and skills GRIZ fans, and cannot help wonder. How much would the GRIZ save to have egrizzers do various things for the GRIZ? God knows they likely spend too much already and would get better results working with egrizzers. A lot of talent on this board going to waste or being used elsewhere.
Montana straight dropped an A-bomb on North Dakota...
Man it felt good to absolutely embarrass those guys.
Thank you for showing no mercy in that annihilation Griz players and coaches!
Next up: OPSU along with a chance to go into conference play 3-0.
Heads around the nation are starting to turn as the Grizzlies are showing clear signs of being back to their dominate ways.
Time for OPSU to meet the 2013 Grizzlies in front of 26,000 rabid fans. Almost feel bad for them...Almost