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Lebsock and Dwyer Shine in Shrine Game


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Two of our new GRIZ players are mentioned in the Tribune article. Does anyone have any information on the others?

Late burst lifts West

Tribune Sports Writer


Brandon Dwyer had just played one of the best football games of his life, catching five passes for 185 yards, including the go-ahead touchdown.

But Dwyer, a recent graduate of Kalispell's Flathead High, thought it was the defensive unit that made the difference in the West's 22-13 victory over the East in the 57th annual Montana Shrine Bowl all-star game before about 3,500 fans at Memorial Stadium Saturday night.

"The defense was on the field a lot, but those guys hung in there and came up with a bunch of big plays when we really needed them," said Dwyer, who was named the game's most valuable player. "To hold the East to 13 points was a great job.

"The offense got off to a slow start ... it was kind of a circus act out there early," he added. "But we came together at the right time and made some big plays."

After being held to 122 yards in the first half, the West exploded for 185 yards in the final two quarters. The defense gave up 205 yards in the final 30 minutes, but intercepted three passes and recovered a fumble for a touchdown.

It was the third straight victory for the West, which whittled the East's lead in the series to 31-26. The East hadn't lost three games in a row since the early 1960s.

Dwyer raced 56 yards with a Casey Cordial pass to give the West the lead for good, at 9-7 with 11 seconds remaining in the third quarter.

Moments later, linebacker Ben Haugen, of Bigfork, sacked East quarterback Drew Hedrick (Billings Senior), causing a fumble that rolled into the East end zone. Haugen recovered the loose ball after a mad scramble, boosting the West's lead to 15-7 with no time remaining in the quarter.

The East took the ensuing kickoff and drove 65 yards in nine plays to pull within two points, at 15-13 with 11:09 remaining in the game. Zack Wermers of Bozeman scored the touchdown on a four-yard blast up the middle. A two-point pass attempt fell incomplete.

Four plays following a West punt, cornerback Mike Watson of Whitefish intercepted a Brady Leaf (C.M. Russell High) pass and raced 39 yards for a touchdown. With Abe Madinger's (Seeley-Swan) extra point, the West owned a 22-13 advantage with 6:31 remaining.

Both of the East's final two possessions ended with interceptions by safety Tyson Johnson, of Stevensville. He picked off Hedrick's last pass of the game and intercepted Leaf's final attempt.

"It's an honor (to be named MVP), a dream come true," said Dwyer, who will attempt to play football as a walk-on at the University of Montana. "I was an alternate (on the original West Shrine team). I'm thankful they gave me the opportunity to play."

"We got some big plays from the offense and the defense," said West head coach Gary Ekegren, of Missoula Big Sky. "The defense was pretty resilient. It gave up some yardage, but stepped up at important times in the game. The interceptions were game winners."

The West gave up nine first downs and 206 yards in the first half. "We talked about that. We had to change the flow of the game at halftime," Ekegren said.

"The offense came up with some big plays, plays that were really key to keeping us going," he added.

"There were a lot of big plays, but not enough for us," said East head coach Gregg Dart, of Great Falls High. "We had our chances, but didn't take advantage. We could have had three touchdowns in the first half.

"But give the West credit. They came up with big plays on both sides of the ball," he added. "Dwyer had some big catches, and their defense came up with some key interceptions.

"I feel bad for our kids. We just couldn't put things together consistently."

The East outgained the West 411-302 in total offense, passing for 324 yards and rushing for 87. The West finished with 248 yards passing and 59 rushing.

Leaf passed for 163 yards, two more than Hedrick. Both had 12 completions.

The East opened the scoring on a 49-yard pass from Hedrick to Ross Judisch (Conrad) at 3:46 of the second quarter.

The West countered with a 35-yard Madinger field goal with one second remaining in the half.

Judisch caught 12 passes for 199 yards to lead the East offensively. He and Hedrick shared offensive MVP honors for the East.

Cordial, who completed 9 of 16 passes for 156 yards, was named the West's offensive MVP.

Johnson and safety Matt Lebsock (Billings Skyview) were named the defensive MVPs of the West and East teams, respectively.
Ross Judisch was the best offensive football player out on the field Saturday night. THE GRIZ COULD USE A GUY LIKE HIM ! He had 199 yards on 6 catches and he dropped one that would have been another 30 yards. He is 6'2" 190 pounds and has good speed and is strong enough to shed the coverage, with great footwork on his routes. I am telling you this guy is a winner, I thought he was much better than Dwyer, but Dwyer was good. Where is Judisch going to school next year anyone know? Lebsock is a very sure tackler, and a great athlete. He could put on 30 pounds and be a LB. I thought the best player on Defense on both teams was Kelly Kain he is a 6"4" 240 lbs. buzz saw. He has the quickest start off the D line that I have ever seen in a High school kid. His technique, speed and strength are awesome. The Griz have him and Mark my words he will be GREAT!!! He had a sack, 2 tackles for a loss, knocked down a pass and had endless preasure on the QB all night. just a side note the Krammer proclaimed best D linemane in the state Wibaux's Travis Nellemore 6'5" 240 lbs. looked like he was standing still all night compared to Kelly Kain. Nellermore is not even close to the calibre of Kain. The 2 othe Griz recruits that played in the game were Gustafson and Michel they look ok I liked Gustafsons footwork and skills better. Michel seemed to be more physical. Lex Hilliard looked good he is big and fast but did not really seem to want to be out there last night, I hope it was just the heat, because I was expecting more out of Lex than what I say last night. We need Judisch!!!
I listened to the game on the radio. The player by play announcer indicated Judisch was headed for MSU.
Turner Brown, I totally agree. I was at the game and from where I sat Kelly Kain was dominant. I also agree that Judish was awesome. I was rooting for the east so his catches regestered more with me than Dwyer's did. Dwyer had a great catch and touchdown. He caught the ball in traffic and zigged his way through and then was gone. He has some wheels. I'm glad he is walking on for the Griz. But Judish seemed to be everywhere and caught everything (with one exception) that was thrown at him. I also was curious as to where he was playing. I was kind of disappointed in Hilliard. I thought the Highwood kid, Birkland, I think, ran just as hard as Hilliard. The biggest dissappointment for me was Leaf. I have two daughters that go to CMR and I was expecting more from the Oregon signee. Two picks, one for a TD. Obviously, not all blame goes to the QB when you have a serious rush, but all the same, I was dissappointed. I thought all the other QB's played as well, if not better. I was impressed with the QB from Seely Swan. Samson is a gamer. He was not the best QB out there but then again, he played about three positions in the game throughout the night.

In summary, the Griz have a winner in Kain. He looked like a man among boys out there, literally.
That's great news on Kelly Kain! He'll be a good one! Was he in Missoula working out this summer? Do any or most of the new recruits show up early for weight training and conditioning? Or, does their "season" begin two weeks from today?
Sorry I am late responding on this - just got back from the Las Vegas Adidas Big Time BB tourney (saw Mike Kryzewski). Anyway, my son was on the east team with Kelly Kain, and he mentioned that Kain was awesome in practice all week. He will be a good one. What's really remarkable is that he has been playing Legion baseball this year so he has been pretty busy. I think his dad mentioned on one of the boards that he tries to stay in football condition as much as he can though. JK, fill us in if you can. In regard to the new recruits, normally they do NOT spend the summer with the team, since most are redshirting anyway. The frosh report on Aug. 4 like everyone else. The one exception was Tyson Johnson of Stevi. He might have a chance to win the punting job and also with our thinness at DB, might think he could compete for playing time there. So he has been doing some of the summer workouts with the veterans. Of course, he is close enough to make the commute. With regard to Judisch, this will probably chap some hides, but he is WALKING-ON with the Bobcats. Also, he is slated to be an outside linebacker, not a WR, if I remember correctly. His Shrine game performance was very good.
Lydell and Turner Brown, Thanks to both of you for the nice words about Kelly. Kelly had an EXCELLENT game and the stats that Turner mentioned are correct; I went back and watched the VCR tape to confirm his play (if anyone is interested I might even able to digitize the highlights and post them on the internet for anyone who wants to see them).

Kelly is 6'4" and 255 (not 225 as listed in the Shrine Bowl program). He played DT for the Shrine Game and his quickness really showed well against the interior lineman. I wouldn't be surpirsed if the Griz play Kelly at DT as well (for now he's listed as a DE). In practice and in the game, no one was able to handle him one-on-one. That is not to knock any of the good offensive lineman that Kelly competed against, but Kelly has a real good combination of strenght, size, and quickness.

Kelly had 6 QB pressures and 4 QB knock-downs, including two on Kyle Samsom (a GREAT, GIFTED ATHLETE -- I'm glad he's going to be a GRIZ with Kelly). On those two, Kelly knocked the daylights out of Samsom, but Samson got right back up. If the Griz coaches were watching, they were probably thinking, "Oh no, Kelly, don't do that!. He's your future team-mate".

Kelly has been extremely busy working out twice a day for football (he weight lifts in the morning and runs in the afternoon/evening). Plus he has almost daily practices or games with the Stallions. He's been keeping this schedule since early May so he's been pushing himself hard. he loves baseball (and basketball) but he knows that football is what is going to pay his college bills for him so he's busting his butt to get ready physically.

Lydell: who's your son? Kelly had a terriffic time at the East camp and made a lot of good friends (especially wiht Travis Nellermoe who's going to the Bobcats).

JK said:
Kelly had an EXCELLENT game and the stats that Turner mentioned are correct; I went back and watched the VCR tape to confirm his play (if anyone is interested I might even able to digitize the highlights and post them on the internet for anyone who wants to see them).

I would love to see some video of that.....but I have a feeling that in a year or so, we will be watching him a lot....and live! :wink: