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Last Night eGriz was Broke...


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Last night was posting/reading the board... when all of a sudden WHAM!
Got a message that eGriz had exceeded its bandwidth for the month.

I checked my watch... about 11:30...
Luckily today... the start of the new month, its back up...

Know what that means Griz Fans?? All you crazy mother truckin' Griz Fans are beating the hell out of this board! YEAH!

Don't get me wrong... its a great thing that eGriz is getting so much traffic. Shows that you guys all care about your Griz.

But, if you haven't done so already... consider making a donation. Any amount will help keep this site Free, and up and running. See the sticky message at the top of the messages to do so.

Keep on posting and supporting your Griz!
yeah, sorry guys. I was cutting it close, I just didn't want to pay extra money for the last couple hours of the month. It's a whole new month, lets see if you guys can make me run out of bandwidth faster. I bet you can't!!!

This means you have to go out and tell everyone you know about eGriz.com. The more you use this place, the more bandwidth it takes.

P.S. No cheating by posting large objects on thsi board :D

With this much traffic a local business would be crazy to not pay to put a banner on this board. A local bar, restaraunt, etc. (Press Box ~ hello) They'd get some good exposure aimed at the precise market. But what the hell do I know? :lol:
Exactly my thoughts... something like... Print this banner and bring it in to the press box, get a dollar off on a pitcher of beer..

Oles, Press box, Hotels, Restraunts... It could be huge...

Don't think Chris isn't looking into these things... sometimes its a very hard sell..

The thing most advertisers worry about is 'return on investment'... how do they know people are seeing their ad? Thats why 'coupons' would work great... people bring them in to redeem them and you KNOW that they got it from the eGriz site.. that sale came directly from the Ad they placed.

Dont worry Chris.. with a little hard work, people will come knockin..
i know this is exactly what i need. I just need to find time to do this. I work full time, go to school full time. It's rough. I will do this soon though. thanks for the input, Chris