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Lake Charles Riot?


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Hey Geaux, could you fill me in on the high school football game riot in Lake Charles? I saw a little bit on the news, but not much. I'd be interested to learn more about it.
We had a game between my alma mater, Barbe High and Kennedy High from New Orleans. Final score Barbe 19 Kennedy 18.

Kennedy coaches were out of control for most of 2nd half. Kept coming on to field to argue ref calls. Coaches threw clip boards at refs. Amazingly they were not tossed!!!

After game, Kennedy assistant coach stormed field towards Barbe principal. Barbe coach interceded and got tagged in face by Kennedy coach. Kennedy coach arrested and faces jail time. At this point Kennedy band attacked Barbe fans and began hitting them with instruments and rifles. Some fans seriously injured.

This is what happens when you have a bunch of angry, inner city kids being shown a VERY poor example of manhood by their coaches. The whole program needs to be shut down. Thugs all......

Sharkey Cox Barbe class of '75 and McNeese class of '80
Wow! :eek: Thanks a lot for the info Sharkey, that is unbelievable. I've been in a lot of tense games in both high school and college, but I could never imagine coaches acting like that! Keep us updated on what happens to the coaches!