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KPAX claims Bob Cole will interview tomorrow

I would think that Cole is just a "saftey net" incase the others don't want to come.

I think that from todays Missoulian, the order of desire is:

4-Cole(just in case)
I wouldn't say that....

I can tell that you are a big Plugrad backer, but the paper said that that Hogan was VERY impressed with Hauck...his enthusaism, and list of coaching staff.

Don't count out Hauck. He might even be my choice right now.
Gee, I wonder how Bob Cole is doing in his interview right now? It is supposed to be around 8:30AM this morning. And we are supposed to forget about him?
1. Kelly may not accept the UM job (if offered) and choose to stay at Grand Valley.

2. Pflu may get take the $250,000 to move to Bama.

Huack and Cole are the insurance policies.
I REALLY doubt that Pflu would opt for Tuscaloosa over Missoula. Alabama is a very easy place at which to fail. Their supporters are relentless. A one-loss season is not acceptable. He has some teenagers to get through school, too.
I agree 100%. I doubt that Pflu would take the Bama job over the UM job.

My point was that Hogan needs to have backup candidates in case Kelly and/or Pflu turn down the UM job. Hauck and Cole are insurance policies.