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Kiss the #3 ranking goodbye


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That's because last week's #3 and current #4, Western Illinois, has soundly defeated I-A Eastern Michigan tonight, 34-12. So what if Eastern Michigan was picked #113 out of 117 by Sports Illustrated and is perrennially a hapless joke of a football program. Even if the Griz cast NDSU into oblivion, it won't be enough to retain the ranking. To the pollsters, a big win over a crappy I-A team is better than a big win over a good DII team. Now, Eastern Michigan or NDSU...tough to pick a winner there.
Good for them. That is a good win for all of 1-AA. Polls mean nothing anyways. If we take care of bussniess, we will have some home games in DEC.

I want to know what will happen after next week when W.Illinios comes to Death Valley and gets smacked by 30?

Also, what if McTeam gets swatted by KSU this week? What if they get beat by 40? Can you keep them as #1?
I am not too concerned about our ranking now. Just as long as we are #1 on December 21.
Some of you don't show much respect to Idaho. :eek: A team that gives us one of our toughest games every year. And a game that each year I worry about. We barely beat them, or we lose. We have never done to them what Western Illinois did to Eastern Michigan.