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Kill em!

Agent 00Pike

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Well, here it is, Griz/Cat week. Being an ex-Navy vet, I thought there might be some Griz fans who might receive some inspiration from some historic quotes from the past. The following are motivators by the late great Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey (WWII fame):

Kill Japs! Kill Japs! Kill more Japs!
Had Admiral Halsey been a Griz Fan, he would of course have cheered - Kill Cats! Kill Cats! Kill more Cats!

If it were possible for Admiral Halsey to be present for the Brawl of the Wild, I am sure he would give the Griz this locker room motivator:
Hit hard, Hit Fast, Hit Often!
(I wonder if the Admiral had anything to do with the last game). :eek:
Go Griz! Last stop before the Big Dance.

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