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KEYS TO THE CADILLAC... and other post-game observations


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:roll: A summary of last season's conference games:

Griz vs. ISU +4
Griz vs. Weber +32
Griz vs. PSU +3
Griz vs. NAU +14
Griz vs. Sac St +7
Griz vs. EWU -9 (loss)
Griz vs. MSU -3 (loss)

Four of the conference games were won/loss by a touchdown or less. What I'm stressing is that the problems that have surfaced this year were actually beginning to surface last year. Do I believe the Griz lack talent to win a bsc? No? But it is going to be difficult to overcome some of the weak areas.

Having just returned from the ISU game, I was amazed just what an influence Griz football has had on the other big sky schools. As best as they can, the other schools are copying aspects of Griz football. Although ISU's announcer who squealed "ITSSSSS THHIIIIRRRDDDDDD DDOOOOWWWWNNNNNNNNNNN" should have been arrested for harrassment. :x He was more annoying than Griz turnovers... well, almost anyway.

Observation #3: THE CORNERBACK POSITION IS THE TOUGHEST POSITION ON THE FIELD TO PLAYand it must be really hard when you rotate through all of the time. Have you counted just how many players have been put in the cb spot this year? Also, the player back there is very exposed, and frequently when he "misses", it can be due to other factors: i.e., no help from safety, poor lb play, no pressure from dline on qb, etc. Not that this is an excuse for the cb play this year, but it amazes me when I hear the fans in the stands or read posts from fans that don't understand this. Sometimes the corner isn't even the guy who is covering the outside receiver, but the fans don't know that. We need to be supportive of the kids that are put in this position and trust that the cream will rise to the top. We also have to hope that V. Smith will play up to his level ~ I don't think he has yet to do that this year. The Griz desparately need him to play like an all-American. :-?

Observation #4: THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME.... THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME [size=12][/size] The ISU Hot (oops... Holt) Arena flat out s*cked. It was stiffling hot in there, you frequently couldn't see the sideline play, (where's their GrizVision???), they didn't open the stadium until late so you couldn't watch the players warm up, their number/seating system was really wierd, you couldn't find any ushers to help, and to get to any restrooms you had to first go down, then up, then down, then up..... then you had to force your way through really really long concession lines..... you get my drift. It flat out s*cked in there. There is no experience better than a Griz home game and we need to be thankful for it. :wink: [/i]

Observation #5: SUGERCOATERS UNITE! I've been a season ticket holder since the mid-80's. There have been frustrations, heart-breaking losses and amazing victories. I wouldn't change it all for anything. I've survived the bad ref calls, the bad play callling, the poor play execution, the poor coaching, the humiliating losses, and the inclimate weather. I'm proud of this Griz team and the way they played against a good ISU team. So, no matter what happens the rest of the season, I'll be cheering the team on, singing the fight song, yelling the MONTANA..GRIZZLY chant (no wave here, however) and making my way down to the field to congratulate/console these great athletes. You see.... simply put, I'm a fan of the Griz football team. :angel: Let the mudslinging begin.... :eek:
You are right on about Holt Arena. The game of college football deserves better. I thought the Kibbie Dome sucked, but little did I know. ISU should build a real stadium and use Holt for potato storage. Here's how I'd rate the Big Sky football facilities I've visited on a scale of one to ten:

Washington-Grizzly Stadium - 9
Joe Albi Stadium (EWU) - 6
Stewart Stadium (Weber) - 4
PGE Park (PSU) - 3
Holt Arena (ISU) - 1
I completely agree that the Holt Arena experience was awful, the heat, the announcer and the people refusing to leave seats in Section T because at all other games it is GA and they couldn't grasp the concept that they were reserved seats this time!.
Here's a question I will raise--I believe it was against Weber that the referee asked at Washington-Grizzly that the "person in charge of the PA system to please turn off the noise when the team breaks the huddle" At that time I figured it was a NCAA regulation but apparently not because the ISU band and the announcer continued until the team was on the line--and at times until the ball was snapped. We were sitting next to the band and in OT I watched the band director and he was smiling and nodding when he would stop the band and the ball was already snapped--he was watching when it was snapped and then shut them down. Is it a regulation to discontinue the PA/band after the huddle break?
About Holt Arena - I think they said last night that it is the oldest dome that football is still played in. Sounds like a candidate for implosion.

As for Sac State - I was down there about 6 years ago. It was like a huge Dornblaser at that time. The Canadian Football League team played there the year before. However, it had one of the nicest grass fields I have ever been on. We walked down to see if it was real or artificial.

Not sure what it is like now. One good thing though. They let you bring beer from the tailgate to the stands.
Seeing as the NCAA has a rule for just about everything, I was curious as to what they had to say.
The following is from the NCAA Football Rules and Interpretation Manual.
Usually the QB, upon commencing play call will indicate noise problem to the referee who will immediately respond by:
1) pointing at Oline/ball which means continue the count, the clock is ticking.
2) call a personal TO and notify coach/band to discontinue band playing while signals are being called.


3 . No person or mascot subject to the rules, except players, officials and
eligible substitutes, shall be on the field of play or end zones during
any period without permission from the referee. If a player is
injured, attendants may come inbounds to attend him, but they must
obtain recognition from an official.
4 . No substitute(s) may enter the field of play or end zones for purposes
other than replacing a player(s) or to fill a player vacancy(ies).
This includes demonstrations after any play (A.R. 9-2-1-I).
5 . Persons subject to the rules, including bands, shall not create any
noise that prohibits a team from hearing its signals (Rule 1-1-6).

PENALTY—Dead-ball foul. 15 yards [S7, S27] from the succeeding spot.
Flagrant offenders, if players or substitutes, shall be disqualified
Unfair Tactics
ARTICLE 2. a. No player shall conceal the ball in or beneath his clothing or
equipment or substitute any other article for the ball.
b . No simulated replacements or substitutions may be used to confuse
opponents. No tactic associated with substitutes or the substitution
process may be used to confuse opponents (E x c e p t i o n : Rule 3-5-2-d)
(A.R. 9-2-2-I-VII).
c . No equipment may be used to confuse opponents (Rule 1-4-2-e).
PENALTY—Live-ball foul. 15 yards from the previous spot [S27].
Flagrant offenders shall be disqualified [S47].
d . No player may play with cleats more than 1⁄2-inch in length (Rules 1-4-
5-e and f).
PENALTY—Disqualification for the remainder of the game and the
team’s next game [S27, S47]. Penalize as a dead-ball foul at
the succeeding spot, and Team B fouls do not require a first
down. Team timeout. VIOLATION—Rules 3-3-6 and 3-4-2-
b [S23, S3 or S21]. If the disqualification occurs during the
last game of a season, players with eligibility remaining
will serve the next-game disqualification during the first
game of the next season for which they are eligible.
e . The referee will notify (in writing) his assigning agent of all disqualifications
for illegal cleats. The assigning agency becomes responsible for
implementation of the penalty.
Hey GGG - weren't you told by the Big Sky office that Thundersticks were not allowed at Big Sky games? Looks like you were lied to, or ISU fans/administration didn't listen.
I was told there was no problem with them... it was Denise Person in the Book store that chose to not go with the Thundersticks (in charge of all that stuff) because they were too 'noisy'...


Big Sky has no issue with them at Football, basketball might be a different story.
I notice at the beginning of each game the announcer says that artificial noise makers aren't allowed in WA-Griz stadium. I think its a UM thing.

in regard to the cadillac...

1. We have a better engine(qb).
2. We have better tires(rbs)
3 Our wheelr are better(wrs have more exp than at start of last year)
4. Perhaps even better brush guard(D-line)...more experience than last year and just as much depth.

But you're right the tail-lights aren't fully lit , about the same as the start of last season, only then somehow that was compesated for a smiggen better before.

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