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Kelly to Sac. State?


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Rumor has it from an insider at Sac. State they are going to make an offer to Kelly.

We might see how good he can make a BSC team in a couple years after all. Might not be good for us to have a huge school like Sac. State in a rich recruiting area have a great coach.

Anybody know what Sac. State pays???
I did hear that Paul Wulff is a possible candidate. When Lennon was here interviewing from UND, we heard that salaries of $110 to $120K per year with a 5 year contract were being discussed. I believe that is what Sac State is willing to pay.
Why oh why would anyone want to go to Sac. State? Yeesh! Money, sure but what about pride? Might as well be the Bobcat's coach.
Now, I know the Griz haven't made anyone any offers...at least I haven't heard of any...but If Kelly goes to Sac St. before seeing if the Griz are going to make him an offer...is he really that smart?
Sportin Life....

Depends on what your thinking is and priorities.

Some might think Montana, only $99,500 a year, one year contract. But possible NC in the next 3 years and easily 32-39 wins. Fast track to Div. 1A paycheck.

Some might think Sac. St., $120,000 a year now, 5 year contract (job security) and probably better salary for assistants too. Chance to turn program around over the next 5 years and still land a Div. 1A job.
Multi year contracts, thats where the Griz are lacking in an offer. My understanding from previous posts is the University can only offer one year at a time. I think money is a major player in any deal, but security is right at the top also.
I'm curious to know if Kelly is under a multi-year contract at Grand Valley? And also I wonder if he is willing to leave the comfy confines of that Grand Valley program. They haven't had a losing season since 1984 and their record 1985-present is an incredible 154-52-2.

That's like averaging 9-3 for 18 continuious years. They are a premiere Div. II program.

Their last coach before Kelly, Tom Beck left Grand Valley to become the OC for Norte Dame under Holtz in 1991.
I sure hope he doesn't go to Sac State. It is one thing if he doesn't end up here, but I wouldn't want to have to compete against him every year. If we could change that 1 year contract thing I don't think we would have anything to worry about.
Come on Ronbo, get on that. Get it changed so that everyone will have to pay us when our coaches leave.

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