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Junior Adams


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Tim Bush and the rest of our line will put so much pressure on Lulay that he will throw some passes that will hang Junior out to dry. Then Brent Meyers and Dan Decoite will take his head off. I will be surprised if Junior makes it through the game. He's gonna be dead meat.
I doubt that, since Junior Adams graduated. And as for Lulay, fortunately he makes very few mistakes. Doesn't mean he won't eat a few sacks this year that he can't escape out of, but int's were pretty rare last year - 5 td's vs. 14 TD's, plus, until he threw one in the playoff game, he hadn't thrown one in like 139 attmepts or something.

Go Cats!
Whoops I forgot that. Must be the HORNET, he keeps saying "try to cover Junior over the middle"

Well whoever your new top reciever is. Just fill his name in.
No dear, the cats give cat fans a bad name... and Lulay makes few mistakes? I don't think throwing 4 interceptions in one game is a few, but maybe that's just me....
Actually, GG - The Bobcat team made mistakes, not Lulay. One of the Int's was a jump ball in the end zone, and he said he'd throw the same ball again, he wanted to give Corey a chance to make the play. Two of the others were receivers cutting the wrong way, and the last one, he got hit from behind as he was throwing. Yep, sounds like a bunch of excuses, but just letting you know - Lulay is still solid. Stay tuned and see what happens from here on out...