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Jordan Johnson and fans reaction!

There honestly was not that much to see, the offense was huddled on the sideline so when they got out on the field they were lining up, he got an ovation but it was over quickly.
Grizfan97007 said:
Does anyone have a video of the fans ovation for JJ? I live in Oregon and don't get to see tha games.

They showed the quick video of the starters and he got a very nice ovation then. However, they show that way too early in my opinion when folks aren't even in the stadium. It would have been a huge ovation if everyone was in their seats and they did an official starting line up announcement.
Hooked, not sure how they could do the starters any earlier. It's the last thing they do before the clock winds down to 0:00 and re-starts for the 20-minute pregame which is includes skydivers, national anthem, honorary captains, monte's entrance, usually the theme day, like parents day, ect..tunnel run out and kick off. If fans wnat to see the video starting lineups go in 10 minutes earlier. Anyway, when JJ's pic came up in the starting lineups, he got a nice ovation.
The Bookstore was sold out already Saturday afternoon of #10 jerseys. The clerk said they flew out of there in no time.
While the team was warming up, I heard many people telling number 10 they were glad he was back and it was good to see him on the field. JJ got lots of love.