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Johnny Montana for Payton Award

Sportin' Life

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"If I had to predict who would win the Payton right now, I would say Edwards
is the man,'' said Tony Moss, executive director for I-AA football for the
Sports Network. "There is no clear-cut choice from a statistical standpoint
now that Abdulqaadir is out.

"Montana is respected as much around the country as they are in the West. Of
course, there's (three) weeks left and you have no idea how things will
shake out, but it will be fun to watch.''

I guess the word on the street is that Edwards was leading a straw poll of voters. Good Luck to John with this.
So after he wins, will he be called Johnny Montana Payton? Maybe just Mr Edwards, huh? GO GRIZ!!!
He sure didn't look like a Payton Candidate in the first 3 quarters vs SAC ST. I was amazed at how he turned his performance around in the fourth quarter. I guess that is the mark of a great leader, to overcome adversity and prove that you are the man. Good Luck #5!! Bring home the second Payton AWARD to UM.
I went and had a look at the stats of some of the other Payton candidates, and none of them stood out any more than John's. Yeah, he's had some bad quarters and halves, and has not looked sharp for even three quarters at a time, but he always gets the job done. I would be the first to vote for Abdulf-something if he were still playing...that kid was on a serious tear. But now that he is out, I think stat-wise John ranks up there with the best of them. They even have that running back from the Bobcats listed. It must be a down year for Payton Award candidates.
His stats early in the game wasn't all that bad. It is just that he is so inconsistent at times, that he looks worse than he really is. But the problem with the Sac St game was that the Sac defense controlled the line of scrimmage for the first 3 quarters. Edwards didn't have the chance to make the plays he made in the 4th quarter. 4th quarter comes along and all of a sudden, Gober found some holes, Edwards had a little more time to pass, etc. Give credit to the offensive line. They are the ones that really picked it up at the end. Thus allowing Edwards to finely make the plays possible to win.

This has happened in so many games this year. Just so happens that Sac St was more fired up, well prepared, and may have had better conditioning than most other teams, plus controlling the time of possession was big. Keeping Griz offense off the field helped Sacs defense last longer into the 4th quarter. But they couldn't win the battle against the 12th man. Fans were kind of complacent most of the game but came through in the last quarter.

So, I have to give credit to the offensive line, fans, and defense for coming through in the fourth quarter when Griz needed it the most.

But Edwards played as well as he could all 4 quarters. There just were to many problems with other areas that hindered the offense.
One thing that didn't help was the lack of production running the ball.
I'm not sure if it was cuz Sac was so good or what. What I do think is that they had a great plan to stop the run and thus make the Griz one-dimensional, as such it made it much more difficult to throw. also they applied great pressure and forced JE to hurry his throws.
I noticed that once he had protection things went greatly better.
I had one too many adult beverages, but I spoke with Tony Moss after the GSU/Furman game. I think he said Johnny Montana is the front runner for the Payton.

There was a RB would have won it but he broke his hand or something like that. I don't recall his name.
I can't for, the life of me think of the name - played for Southern Illinois Salukis - Albaqaadir or something like that though without looking I can't recall
All I know it was something hard to read/pronounce so I think you are correct.

I assume Dickenson was the Payton award winner for Montana?
That is correct Dave won it his senior year in '95, also the year we won our first National Championship. It was a very good year, excellent vintage, just like 2002 is shaping up to be.