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Jimus and Great Griz Encounter


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Just wondering how many of you are going to go to the GGE. Is it going to be held in the Fieldhouse? Also, Jimus, if you get this in time you have got to pick me up a poster to represent teh griz in california at my non football school.
I'm not going. I'm going to watch the SJSU/Grambling game at 4. Just get a poster at the bookstore.

Interestingly enough, I saw the Griz at Dairy Queen about an hour ago while driving by.
Jimus, I am watching your Heisman hopeful Ell Roberson absolutley shred the cal defense. K-State is gonna be tough
See KSU's worst defensive performance since the Colorado game last year. I was really more impressed with Cal. They weren't expected to do shit coming in. I think they have a shot at least to derail some poor Pac-10 team's season when the time comes. And they won't be last in the conference.

Then Grambling rolled over against a lower-division WAC team. Some statement for I-AA. I'll bet I-AA's cream of the crop would at least have given San Jose State a run for their money. If McNeese or Georgia Southern played them, I'd call it a toss-up. San Jose's not that bad. They could do some things with the ball. But for a defense as bad as their's to shut out one of the biggest offensive teams in I-AA, well I guess that shows you what the SWAC's worth. Grambling was lucky to only be down 10-0 at the half. I'm going on too long. I guess I should take this over to the I-AA board and piss off some of the disgruntled Grambling crowd.
I guess I should take this over to the I-AA board and piss off some of the disgruntled Grambling crowd.[/quote]

If you can find them :oops:
It's true. I haven't seen a single one there since the game yesterday. How humiliating.

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